Egypt: 'World's heaviest woman' loses half her weight after surgery

Source: Africa News
Date: 20th-april-2017 Time:  11:41:04 pm

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Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, reputed to be the world’s heaviest woman has reportedly lost 250kg after undergoing surgery in an Indian hospital. At the time of her admission, she weighed over 500kg.

The Times of India reports that the 36-year-old is now able to fit into a customized wheelchair and to sit for longer periods.

Earlier in March this year, the Hindustan Times reported that Eman had been put on a liquid diet that contains proteins and dietary fibers leading to the loss of 100kg since she underwent surgery in February.

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Post surgery issues – doctor speaks

The Hindustan Times newspaper also reports that despite losing weight, Eman currently suffers from periodic seizures and cannot swallow liquids or speak clearly.

‘‘We will get a CT scan of her brain done as soon as she fits into the machine. The scan will help us understand her neurological status.

‘‘She hasn’t walked. The stroke left her bound to the bed. Our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists are trying to mobilize her. We hope to see her walk someday, although we can’t determine the exact time frame yet,” one of her doctors is quoted to have said.

Background to the journey for an Indian surgery

She was admitted to the Indian hospital in February after a Mumbai-based surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, raised funds to have her flown over for treatment.

Reports indicate that her weight is due to gland imbalance which caused an accumulation of liquids. Her family says she has not been able to leave home for 25 years.

The Indian surgeon said he believed that Eman suffers from obesity-related lymphoedema which causes swelling of her legs.

It took the intervention of the surgeon who tweeted to India’s foreign minister before the Indian embassy in Cairo agreed to issue her a visa. The Hospital built a special facility to enable the weight reduction surgery.

The BBC reports that the facility at the Mumbai Saifee Hospital has an operating theatre and an intensive care unit. She was flown out of Cairo to Mumbai on a chartered flight.

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