Twitter working on a Snapchat-style video feature

Date: 25th-january-2018 Time:  5:04:33 pm

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Twitter could be the next social media platform to adopt Snapchat-style video sharing.

The company is working on a new feature that could make it easier for people to share video clips, according to a report from Bloomberg, Thursday.

A Twitter spokesman declined to comment about the report.

But the company has promised, more generally, to do what it can to attract and keep users.

"We're focused on making our service faster, easier to use, and more relevant to more people everyday," CEO Jack Dorsey said when the company announced its 2017 third quarter earnings in October. Its next earnings report will be on Feb. 8.

This change to Twitter's video-sharing process would cut down the number of steps it takes to post a video, the report said. It's unclear whether this would be a standalone product or part of the Twitter app.

There's no timeline yet for when Twitter users might see the feature.


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