KNUST designs burglar proof escape window

Source: Ghana | Luv FM | Kwasi Debrah
Date: 10th-march-2017 Time:  9:04:27 am

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The Centre for Settlement Studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has designed a new metal window which protects against burglary and provides a safe exit during emergencies.

This burglar proof design is made from iron rods fitted with a spring-equipped bar which locks up the system by pulling it downwards.

A locking device at the base of the spring-equipped bar keeps the system in place. It can be opened by pushing the whole frame up once the locking device at the base of the bar is released.

KNUST Design

“A provision in the LI 1630 (Clause 90) of the National Building Regulations 1996, suggests apart from openings created by door- ways, every building should have at least one window opening in case of emergency for escape.

 “Technically, we have all barricaded ourselves in our buildings and we are all flouting the law in the way we build with burglar proof windows”, head of the Centre for Settlement studies, KNUST, Dr. Divine Ahadzie says.

The project, which started in 2009 seeks to solve cases of burglar proof trappings during fire outbreaks.

KNUST Design

The initial design was equipped with two padlocks within the perimeter of the window frame.

Researchers thought it could be problematic in situations, where a key cannot be found or burglars could reach the padlock.

The improved version has the holding bar hidden beyond the reach of potential burglars with the locking device at the base of the bar does not necessarily has to be padlocks.

The Centre is therefore urging government to incorporate the invention into National housing settlements to help reduce catastrophes.

As part of its outreach and community involvement programme, the Centre is ready to partner with government and other stakeholders.

The interaction will offer appropriate training to artisans and fabricators on the design principles of the new window type.


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