Facebook’s new family emojis spark backlash over lack of interracial options

Source: metro.co.uk
Date: 3rd-september-2017 Time:  1:27:44 pm

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Facebook has made its family emojis more inclusive by adding 125 new designs in a variety of skin tones.

However, the announcement has sparked a backlash – because there are no options that represent interracial families.

The update, which is only available on the website, adds light, medium and dark skin tones to the default yellow option.

Although a step in the right direction, not all families are all yellow, white, brown or black – and not one of the 125 options caters for interracial families.

The situation looks even worse for Facebook because Microsoft unveiled 52,000 family emojis to its Windows 10 update last year.

These included various different combinations of interracial and single parent families.

The reason behind Facebook’s failure to add more options is not just because no one wants to scroll through thousands of similar emojis.

According to TechCrunch, coding is far more complex when it comes to diversity.

This is because the individual members of each family would render on their own, rather than as a collective, and the code is not well supportive.

It is not known if Facebook plans to solve the problem without producing a Microsoft-level number of combinations – no one wants to scroll through 52,000 emojis.

The new emojis are live on Facebook’s website and app, but not the Messenger app.

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