Creepy web browser lets parents remotely SPY on their children’s online searches

Date: 23rd-january-2018 Time:  12:32:46 am

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It may sound like a plot-line from Black Mirror, but a new web browser has been launched that lets parents spy on their children’s online activity.

The browser, called Scout, has been developed by Monqi, and gives parents the power to view their children’s online searches and end any activity they deem inappropriate.

Monqi launched a child-friendly smartphone in October, and Scout is the latest in its line of parental controls that let parents control the phone remotely.

Using the Monqi app, parents can log in remotely and see what their child has been searching for through Scout.

Other features in the app include screen time restrictions and even the ability to remotely turn off the phone.

Frederik Albrechtsen, founder of Monqi, said: “Scout is the critical safety measure, which we know parents have been looking for.

“They want to allow their children to use technology, but we believe that it is important to stay involved and monitor how they use devices, now they can stop any inappropriate searches in real time, rather than periodically checking their child’s search history.

“This latest update to the Monqi, makes it unique in the marketplace and the best possible option for parents wanting to introduce tech safely.

“We are constantly developing smart solutions to keep children safe and allow parents to stay close and we will continue to share these with our customers.”

Monqi is now available to buy from Carphone Warehouse for £149.99.


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