Restructuring Ghana football: Gov't urged to consider Prof. Joshua Alabi's suggestion

Source: Ghana | | JTM
Date: 25th-june-2018 Time:  9:16:11 am

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A supporter of the former Vice Chancellor, Mr. Benjamin Essuman particularly faulted the Akufo-Addo government for endangering the incomes of those who live on the football industry. 

In a post, he said: Akufo-Addo should've listened to Prof Joshua Alabi when he wrote in that press statement:
"An independent body must be formed to meet with the leadership of GHALCA to fashion out some proposals for discussion and adoption at Congress."

Mr. Essuman says government should consider the proposals suggested by football interest people including the former Vice Chancellor of UPSA and former GFA Executive Member, Professor Joshua Alabi. 

The approach proffered by Prof Alabi in a Press Statement released two weeks ago, included a meeting of government representatives and Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA) Executives to discuss necessary changes that needs to be made in Ghana football and proceed thereof. The changes are expected to lead to an emergency Congress where GHALCA will adopt the reforms and then get same approved at an Emergency Congress of the GFA. 

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But listing some of the amendments proposed by the Professor but which have not been adhered to by the government, He wrote:

"THE PROFESSOR WENT ON FURTHER TO MENTION SOME OF THE PROPOSALS: "Congress of the GFA which is a meeting of all stakeholders must admit to shortcomings inherent in the current constitution, and table proposals to correct them. 
"A new constitution which encourages checks and balances, gives autonomy to the Premier League Board (PLB), fast tracks resolution of disputes within hours, and protects our continental or international representatives is the way to go."

Besides Prof Joshua Alabi, another football interest person, Mr Randy Abbey on Saturday chided the Akufo-Addo government for having made wrong moves in dealing with the matter of the GFA. 

"Featuring on Joy FM's flagship program, the NewsFile, Randy Abbey also called on the government to engage GHALCA, who are the "football people" with proposals on the how football should be managed in the country. He was also convinced that it is GHALCA that is the life wire of the GFA and without their active involvement, the country risks being banned by FIFA. 

Randy Abbey who is a former Hearts of Oak representative to GHALCA and currently a Club owner debunked government's claim that FIFA does not currently recognise GFA, but government of Ghana. Mr Abbey could not understand why government will have the notion that a federation of football associations in the world will all a sudden jettison it's member and embrace a political regime as a new member. He was unhappy that government appears not to be listening to wise counsel proffered by people who desire to see the growth of football." 

According to Mr. Essuman, the measures by government have finally resulted in GHALCA forcing its Chairman, Mr Cudjoe Fianoo, to resign from the five-member government committee and in the same week, FIFA officials visiting the country to apprise themselves of the situation. Emboldened by this, a defiant GFA has gone to court to challenge the petition of the government to ban the association. 

This he noted, is what many pundits believe is the beginning of a long process where FIFA will ban the country resulting in an unnecessary and costly battle by the country in order to regain admission into FIFA. 

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