CWG: How Team Ghana athletes boycott threat was resolved

Source: Ghana|Joy Sports|Gary Al-Smith
Date: 13th-april-2018 Time:  8:40:58 am

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The notice went out to all athletes on the common page of the Team Ghana WhatsApp platform. It served notice to all athletes to get ready for a boycott of the rest of the 2018 Commonwealth Games if outstanding bonuses were not paid with immediate effect.

It came from none other from respected Team Ghana leader, Botsyo Nkegbe. Within hours, the matter had been resolved with the speed of authorities mirroring that which the news had reached - and was spreading in - Ghana.

Now, the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) have given background to how all outstanding monies owed athletes were settled. Public Relations Officer, Charles Osei Asibey, confirmed this to Joy Sports following threats from athletes on Thursday.

Seventy-two (72) Ghanaian athletes made the threat.

Nkegbe, one of Ghana's best para-athletes, spearheaded the action, adding also that he would personally facilitate the process for any Team Ghana athlete to abscond from camp - as has happened this week from many other nations.

The athletes were entitled to $2,300 (being $100 per diem for 23 days), and according to Osei Asibey, the matter has been resolved.

‘’We - the GOC and the ministry - are disappointed at the action taken by athletes led by Botsyo Nkegbe. We made him the captain because we thought he is a mature and experienced guy, unfortunately, he demonstrated that he is not mature to lead the team.

"Even though their monies had delayed, I think it was unnecessary to revolt. I must say, going to the extent to encourage athletes not to come back to Ghana is unfortunate,” the administrator said in an interview with Joy Sports.

“We will take a decision on what [Nkegbe] has done. As we speak, every outstanding bonus has been paid to the athletes. We didn’t want them to keep so much money on them. I think the action was planned. We will meet him, find out his reasons for doing that and take the matter up,” he added.

Meanwhile, Team Ghana has finally ended its medalless run by winning bronze courtesy boxer Jessie Lartey.

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