Rawlings wades into $100k for seat, 800k for website saga; urges swift action

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Hubert Mawuli Yevu Agbi
Date: 1st-january-2018 Time:  4:14:59 pm

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Former President Jerry Rawlings says he expects the "executive" to act on reports on the alleged inflated budget estimates prepared by the Ministry of Special Development Initiative (MSDI).

According to him, the act could lead to an escalation of corruption in the country if left unattended to.

The budget of the Special Development Initiative Ministry which directly reports to the Presidency, came under sharp focus the past weeks after it was revealed it had budgeted GHS800,000 for the creation of three websites.

The widely circulated document also showed GHS2million had been quoted as an expected cost for the Ministry’s budget preparation.

The government later said there was a mistake in the typing of the figures, claiming the original amount budgeted for the creation of the website "is GHS80,000 and not GHS800,000."

But addressing cadres in Ho Sunday to mark the 36th anniversary of 31st December Revolution, Mr. Rawlings wants President Akufo-Addo to respond to the issue in an "appropriate" manner as it did to the ‘cash-for-seat’ by the Trades and Industry Ministry.

The Trades and Industry ministry reportedly collected between $15,000 and $100,000 from expatriate businesses for seats at the President’s table at an awards ceremony in December.

“I expect the executive to similarly respond appropriately to the reported inflated budgetary allocations by a particular ministry, which has elicited some negative responses from the general public. Left unattended to these acts can lead to the escalation of corruption in our country,” the former president charged the government. 

Mr. Rawlings also expressed concern about the rise “reckless vigilantism, which is breeding a new standard in lawlessness” that he wants to be brought to be checked.

He said: “Vigilantism perceived to be protected by political authority is a one-way road to a breakdown of law and order.”

“The attacks on the High Court in Kumasi, the recent attacks on a Member of Parliament in Brong Ahafo and other reported incidents of highhandedness by perceived political agents have to be denounced forcefully and dealt with in a firm and swift manner that will inspire public confidence.”

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