MPs complain about "unacceptable" salary delays

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Date: 2nd-march-2018 Time:  12:53:02 pm

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Members Parliament s are reportedly murmuring over persistent delays in the payment of their salaries.

Opposition NDC MP for Asuogyaman constituency, Thomas Ampem-Nyarko told Joy News Friday, the 275 MPs are yet to be paid their February salaries two days into the new month.

He said January salaries were paid more than 10 days into February, noting "the trend has been happening".

He said there is bi-partisan concern over the "unacceptable" salary delays.

"Every MP is complaining…it is a very serious thing that is happening to us," he lamented after the matter was raised on the floor of the House.

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It was MP for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak who raised the issue of salary payment delays on the floor of the House. The NDC MP said "we are currently in the new month and MPs have still not received salaries."

"I want to find out if this is going to be the new norm," he wanted to know.

He said the NPP MPs prefer to be quiet about the matter because their government is in power.

The NDC MP said the MPs are even more worried ahead of the March 6 Independence Day celebrations when the parliamentarians would have to visit their constituencies.

Constituency visits come with several financial demands on the MPs.

"You plan your finance and you don’t know what to do again… if you don’t pay us, everything is thrown out of gear," he continued a lament.

The NDC MP expects that if the government is facing challenges paying their "meager" salaries, "courtesy demands" that the Finance Minister comes clean with the MPs.

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