Delta Force boss orders boys to cease fire

Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah
Date: 9th-november-2017 Time:  1:31:30 pm

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After months of terrorizing Ghanaians across the country, the leader of the New Patriotic Party vigilante group Delta Force has asked members to cease fire.

Kwadwo Fosu Bamba has ordered his boys to desist from acts that will bring shame to the party.

He says if they fail to heed his call, the leaders will come around to arrest them and hand them over to the police.

His call comes months after the group made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in many acts of vandalism, assault and lawlessness.

Shortly after the NPP was declared winner of the 2016 elections, the group went on rampage taking over the management of markets, road tolls, public toilets etc across the country.

They repeated in worse forms the violent takeovers recorded when the NDC won power in the 2008 elections.

They chased out heads of District NHIS offices, School Feeding Programs, YEA and demanded to have their men man those offices.

That was not all. They attacked the passport office, the Driver and Vehicle License Authority demanding to have control over those sensitive installations.

In a record breaking acts of impunity, the group invaded the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator’s office, bundled the security coordinator out of the office.

They argued Mr George Agyei played no role in bringing the NPP to power and was therefore unfit to be regional security coordinator.

They would rather a member of the Delta Force was appointed into that position.

The Ashanti Region Police arrested 13 members of the Delta Force who attacked the regional security coordinator and charged them with rioting.

Just when the suspects were being tried in court the unexpected happened- other members belonging to the Delta Force broke into the court with chants, insults, attacked the judge and set free the suspects who were in court facing trial.

That was an attack on the nerve of Ghana’s judicial system and got the police, the president all vowing to fight the menace of vigilantism.

The president Nana Akufo-Addo assured that all the suspects behind the shameful attacks will face the law.

Sooner than later, the State Prosecutor filed a nolle prosequoi against eight members who invaded the court explaining she did not have evidence to continue with the prosecution.

However the 13 others who attacked the security coordinator were found guilty, slapped with a fine of ¢1,800 each and bonded to be of good behavior.

In the wake of these attacks, the leader of the group, Kwadwo Fosu Bamba says enough is enough. All members of the group must desist from any further attacks.

“The whole world everybody was saying what we did was bad never happened before. We feel bad about it. We will make sure it won’t happen again.

“I will take this opportunity to tell all my fellow security in the NPP that we should give respect to the president.

He said he would tour the whole country to tell members to “stay calm, respect the IGP, the president and Ghanaians in general.”

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