Amidu 'remote controlled' to destroy Mahama, NDC - Kofi Adams

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Date: 22nd-february-2018 Time:  8:58:02 pm

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has questioned the integrity of Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu over his latest article which sought to justify his past claims.

NDC National Organiser, Kofi Adams said the issues raised by the former Attorney-General in his article have exposed him as either "dishonest or a coward."

Mr Amidu said that the responses he gave during his vetting that his articles were motivated by perceptions and opinions do not mean they were not based on "fact or reality."

The NDC-card bearing member in one of his critical articles had said the Electoral Commission boss, Charlotte Osei was scheming to rig the 2016 elections for the then president John Mahama.

NDC National Organiser, Kofi Adams

Asked by Parliament's Appointments Committee last week if he had any evidence to back that claim, Mr Amidu said it was based on perceptions out there. 

Critics quickly jumped on his response to discredit his past claims, describing him as a dishonest man who cannot be trusted to do an independent work as a Special Prosecutor.

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But the anti-corruption campaigner said people who are acquainted with the Philosophy and Methods of Research will know that perceptions and opinions need not be "based on conjecture or non-facts or illusion."

"I could not have given facts of corruption allegations in my articles to a partisan questioner without revealing or naming my informants and other sources and collection methods as a Citizen Vigilante," Mr Amidu said.

He said his use of the words "perceptions" and "opinions" was done to protect his sources, without which Article 3 of the 1992 Constitution would have been hopeless.

"My perceptions and opinions were formed from real human sources and other real collection methods and therefore could not have been based on conjecture," he added in the rather brief article.

But Mr Adams said the Citizen Vigilante's argument in his article will erase the last respect people have for him.

He said for Mr Amidu to have waited for Parliament to approve him before coming out with his article is suggestive that someone is manipulating him to destroy ex-president Mahama and his own party.

"He is giving us meaning to question some of his credentials that we should not be questioning," he said, adding posterity will judge him for what he has done.  


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