Uprooting galamsey will be a consequential legacy for Akufo Addo presidency

Source: Ghana|Bernard Asubonteng|detrio03@aol.com
Date: 16th-may-2017 Time:  3:30:49 am

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Succeeding in eliminating illegal mining—popularly known as galamsey---in Ghanaian society will not only be enduring, but also it will definitely turn out to be one of the consequential legacies of the nation’s checkered history.

Literally, one positive ripple effect will be that—assuming the current Akufo Addo-led government does not succumb to timidity but persevere in its effort to uprooting the environmental-killing galamsey—Ghana’s natural resources and national security will be the winner, thus paving the way for President Akufo Addo’s legacy on that front to be engraved in the plate of timelessness.

We all need money to make a living, but some Ghanaians’ insatiably greedy quest for cutting corners to get the mighty cedi is almost incomparable. In their bid to make money, many average Ghanaians wouldn’t mind selling their conscience, including the country of their birth, if that is what it takes to make more money.

That is why foreigners, such as the notorious Chinese woman called En Huang and widely known in the galamsey underworld as Aisha Huang, can easily enter into some of the most sensitive sectors of the nation’s economy with disdainful impunity.

Trust this, only in Africa or in Ghana can foreign nationals be allowed to wield such an immense politico-economic power and in the process trample upon the host nations’ laws while the security agencies respond timidly.

The sad and nauseating part of the whole galamsey tragedy is that it is the locals/Ghanaians who are the chief enablers for the foreigners engaging in the illegal economic activities in the country. In China, for instance, there is no way any foreigner, let alone a dark-skinned African, will be permitted to destroy Chinese lands through illegal mining and the threat of blackmailing while the state law enforcement looks elsewhere.

Clearly, the above scenario will be a no brainer for the officials in China and also those Chinese galamseyers in Ghana know that they will NEVER assist any black person in China to plunder their lands via any illegal means.

Even if that were to happen, the Chinese laws will be swift and merciless in its application to clamp down on any native Chinese assisting and collaborating with a foreign national to undermine their country’s economy. Yet, the so-called Aisha Huang from China can come to Ghana relatively easy, bribes her way through the top echelons of power and starts her unlawful businesses in Ghana quite successfully. Folks, Ghana has a long way to go.

In fact, the most encouraging development so far is that President Akufo Addo, through the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry, is seriously bringing the fight to the galamseyers andtheir disgruntled collaborators. It will not be easy fight since Ghanaians do not want change and the same time relish in short-cut ways of making living.

But, if the Akufo Addo administration succeeds in uprooting the natural resources-busting galamsey, it will be a noble cause worth fighting for; and one of the significant political accomplishments that will surely stand the test of time.

It is sad many of us do not realize and understand the magnitude of the galamsey saga. The country has many towns, villages, hermits, and so on, but there is only one landmass called Ghana.Ghanaians who don’t care can destroy Accra and decide to move to (say) Kumasi or Ho.

However, if the whole country called Ghana is plundered and destroyed of all its renewable and nonrenewable resources, where are Ghanaians going to move to—China, Korea, Britain? By then the Aisha Huangs of this world will be out of here somewhere back in her homeland China.

As stated, most Ghanaians have mortal hatred for change, especially when that change will deprive them of their “short cut” routes of making money. They will threaten and resist the government of Nana Akufo Addo regarding any move to exorcise ghost of galamsey from this country. Th

The president must not budge even if it will lead to a one-term presidency because it is a right thing to do and after all is said and done history will look kindly on the NPP government under Nana Addo’s watch for the display of bravery. Let Aisha Huang and her nefarious gangs go to hell with their galamsey and let Ghana lives. Mr. President, this is an enduring legacy staring right in your face—uprooting galamsey!



Bernard Asubontengis a U.S.-based writer and is currently vacationing in Ghana.

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