That's my opinion: 'Let's pass a new law to avoid implementation...'

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Date: 7th-august-2017 Time:  6:31:24 pm

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There is no doubt that the mandatory towing levy has gotten the whole country talking. Many Ghanaians say although the idea is a bright one, the implementation was not well thought through. 

Some have said that Members of Parliament have not done a good job of it by okaying the bill for implementation.

The Chairman of the Financial Committee said they have made recommendations to the Transport Committee in implementing the levy. He was categorical abrogating the contract would attract another judgement debt for the country.

But this has been met with lots of public backlash. 

On That's My Opinion tonight, I want to understand whether it gets to a point where voters want to ask our lawmakers if they arrive at certain decisions all by themselves, or they get help from others? 

I think our 'fear of law enforcement' has reached a new high and so our new getaway clause is that 'let's pass a new law to avoid implementation'. 

Thank God the compulsory recovery levy has been put on hold. But when the 'hold' is lifted, what will they bring?  

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I'm very sure you want to hear my opinion on this matter.

My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV, and I say, enough is enough!


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