Shot on duty: Biography of Constable Michael Kporye

Source: By Superintendent Kwasi Ofori
Date: 11th-august-2017 Time:  6:24:15 pm

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He was a patriot with an insatiable desire to protect lives and property. He was on duty protecting lives as a police constable but his was taken. This is a biography written by Superintendent Kwasi Ofori in honour of the late Constable Michael Kporyi who was shot dead under the cover of darkness on June 12, 2017.

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                                                                       “Precious In The Sight of the Lord Is The Death Of His Saints”.

                                                                                                         (Psalm 116: 15 (KJV)

                                                                                 Closed eyes, heart not beating, but a living love”

                                                              BIOGRAPHY OF THE LATE MICHAEL KWASI KPORYI (1985 -  2017)

Michael Kwasi Kporyi was born on Sunday, 12th October, 1985 at Matse-Tsife in the Volta Region of Ghana to the late Hilarious Kwame Kporyi (of blessed memory) and Adeline Agbodza-Kporyi. One month after his birth, baby Michael together with his mother, relocated to Avee in the Volta Region and lived with his paternal grandparents for a few months until his father relocated mother and child to Brekum, (Brong-Ahafo Region) where he lived as Policeman.

He was a very calm child in his early childhood and stayed away from trouble. At age four, he began his childhood education at Rapid Preparatory School in Sunyani, (B/A Region). Due to the transfer of his father by the Ghana Police service to Cape Coast, his education in Rapid Preparatory ended. He continued his education at Pedu A&B Basic School in Cape Coast. He was an average pupil but his talent and passion for football was extra ordinary. This passion drove him to participate in many tournaments during his primary ad JSS education. He won many trophies for his school.

At age 14, Michael lost his father in June, 1999 at Cape Coast and that same week, wrote his BECE. He was very devastated about the loss of his father and since then life was never the same. Even though his results were not encouraging, due to his extra ordinary football talent he got a scholarship to Adisadel College, Cape Coast that same year. He proved himself as an excellent footballer. He led his school team to win several competitions in the inter-zonal, district and Milo football tournaments.

After his SSS education, Michael pursued his football career. He was short-listed and participated in the 2004 and 2007 Areeba Sports Academy reality shows on Metro TV. He was a licensed football player in the premier/under14-17 division organized by the National Football Association. He played in the first division with Great Odupong FC in Kasoa, Central Region from 2004. Based on his excellent performance in 2009, he was released by his club on contract to Berlin FC in Brekum. In Brekum, he played for Brekum Chelsea and Brekum Arsenal. He also played for GAMBA F/C.

Throughout his life Michael showed drive in whatever he did. He was a person who always challenged himself. Even though shy, he was very friendly and accommodative. He always put the needs of others before him and had ears to listen to the grievances of all.

A very understanding fellow too. He was patient and feared God in his own way. His attributes earned him the respect, admiration and love for all in the circles in which he lived his life.

Michael was a lover of pets. He was an expert in training dogs and cats. He would feed and bathe them and take them on long walks along the beach. He taught them how to swim. He's favorite dog was 'shaggy' whom he trained to guard his mum's residence at Kasoa due to armed robbery attempts. 'Shaggy' behaved like a human being and would do everything that Michael asked it to do.

Where ever Michael was, he'd come home and bathe 'Shaggy' and give him all his medication and say, ' hey, shaggy! Behave yourself” and shaggy would wag his tail in response.

He set goals and did all he could to accomplish them but due to financial challenges, he decided to pause his football career and do other jobs to gather funds to enhance his dream. His interest for cooking and his excellent human relations led him to work as a waiter, supervisor and store keeper respectively with some hotels such as the White Sands and Tills Beach Hotels both in the Fete municipalities in the Central region, Manet Paradise in Ada, Kas Valley Restaurant in Oyibi, Accra and Linda Dor Stop Over in Bosu.

Later on in life, Michael was encouraged to join the Ghana Police Service which he did in 2013 at the Police Training School, Winneba. Even though Michael entered the police service quite timid, he performed well to the admiration of his family.

He was later on recruited into a special unit known as the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) which demanded vigorous military training.  He passed out bravely with the courage to defend his country from crime and bring peace and sanity into our society. He was very dedicated to his calling in the police service; he would train for hours just to stay fit enough for the job ahead.

One month to his death, Michael complained to us of a swelling in his leg. It was that serious so he took some time off work to seek medical attention. By the grace and mercy of God, he responded to treatment.

On that fateful day, Monday the 12th of June, 2017; Michael decided to resume work even though the swelling in the leg had not completely subsided. On his way, his colleague advised him to return home and wear sandals instead because the police boot was tight and would compound the swelling. His zeal for work made him turn a death ear to his friend's advice and rode off to work on his motorbike.

At about 9:00pm Michael was shot in the head and chest by unidentified armed robbers and killed instantly on the Afariwa – Michael Camp road near Afienya. The unfortunate incident was reported all over the social media. Word reached us on Tuesday,13th June, 2017 at about 6:00am that Michael had been killed by armed robbers. Even though the perpetuators have been dealt with by the Police, it will not bring Michael back.

Despite his dedication, he was only able to serve in the service for four (4) years before he met his untimely death. For us a real tragic loss, but faith is enough to teach us that the Lord gives and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Our dearest Michael, God keep thee till we meet again on the other side of the Jordan. God bless and rest in eternal peace in Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen!!!

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