Short Story: The ‘Confession’…Episode 4

Source: Ghana || Paa Kwesi Williams
Date: 9th-may-2017 Time:  10:30:12 am

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“Already?” Tina asked, wearing a bemused countenance. “My shift starts at 4pm today” Philipp answered, whilst dropping two freshly minted, crispy GHS 50.00 notes on the table. The confusion in Tina’s mind grew some more. “Today is Saturday, Dr. Philipp Ayensu, and you have the day off, remember?” Tina shot back. “Huh?” Philipp feigned inattentiveness whilst searching his perplexed mind for an appropriate answer. “The hospital called whilst I was in the washroom… Apparently, Dr. Agyiri is indisposed, so I have to be in the consulting room in his stead”. Both ladies exchanged looks, and then stared at him. Philipp immediately knew he’d messed up with that lie.

“I’m very sorry, ladies. I’ll make it up to you, I promise” he tried to butter them up. Agyeiwaa’s started out to protest, but was prevented by a phone call that was coming through. Her attempt at multitasking by answering the phone call and still listening to the conversation between her best friend and her bae failed. She moved a few meters away from the two to talk to her younger sister. Tina’s had hung her Dolce & Gabbana bag on her left shoulder when she joined the two, who were waiting for her. “Philipp will drop us off at the junction, so we can get a cab to your place.” Tina said. Agyeiwaa acquiesced. 


“You know his phone was on the table when he went to the washroom, right?” Agyeiwaa asked, when they were riding in the back seat of the Hyundai i10 cab. “So how was he contacted?” “I’m as confused as you are, girlfriend. I really am. Really weird things have happened today.” Tina answered. “Speaking of weird, let’s talk about Sebastian, or what’s his name?” Agyeiwaa resuscitated the issue. “Siisi, you mean? You like him eh? I saw the way you were looking at him when I introduced you two. I have his number oo”, Tina teased. “Well, he’s good looking, and wouldn’t have been a bad idea kwraa” Agyeiwaa replied. The cab driver adjusted the mirror, and smiled. “Driver, hwe’m na twi car no, na gyae konkonsa no” Agyeiwaa joked. They all laughed. “But let’s focus, Tina”, she turned her attention to her best friend. “You mean to tell me you didn’t see Philipp’s incessant blinks at him? There something fishy about Philipp, although I can’t place a finger on it. I just know it.” 

Infuriation swelled up in Tina. It irked her that her friend was impugning wrongdoing to her fiancé – the very man she’ll walk not-so-directly behind in some six months from now. It irked her Agyeiwaa would be the one to point an accusing finger at Philipp – the very man through whom she had gained employment at the state-owned oil marketing company after a year of unemployment when her previous employer filed for bankruptcy. Tina’s countenance however, betrayed her feelings as she smiled all the while.   

“You know what, I’ll just call Siisi and find out what it is. It’s probably nothing. Maybe, he wasn’t even blinked at, and your eyes were playing tricks on you. You were not even wearing your spectacles with lens as thick as the bottom of a Coca Cola bottle.” Tina sarcastically remarked and acquiesced to Agyeiwaa’s subtle attempts. “Madam, please oo…don’t insult my intelligence. Are you now calling me a Blind Messiah? And even if my spectacles are as thick as the lens of a magnifying glass - with or without it, I know what I saw.” Agyeiwaa shot back. “Pray Siisi will bring out the skeletons from whichever corner of the cupboard they have been disjointed and kept.” Agyeiwaa said, adding insult to injury. 


The telecom operator at the other end answered Tina’s two attempts by confirming that Siisi’s phone was switched off. “His phone is switched off. I’ll try again when I get home.” 

“Send him a message – he’ll see it when he switches it on again” Agyeiwaa insisted. Tina turned to give her friend a bewildered look. “Hmmm…your sudden distrust for Philipp is very curious”, Tina remarked, whilst sending Siisi a message. “Are you happy now?” Tina asked her friend when she was done. “Maybe if you had ‘Cc-ed’ me, then I would have been happy” Agyeiwaa sarcastically answered, wearing a satisfied smile.   


The Whatsapp notification tone beeped nonstop for about 30 seconds when Siisi’s i-Phone came alive after being charged for some minutes. They were expected – Mike and his other friends from the pub – and then Tina. The former wanted to know the reason for his sudden departure from the pub without any prior notice. Another enquired, albeit jokingly, why he left without paying for the drinks. Even though he suspected what the contents of the message would be, he still opened to read the following message from Tina:

“Hey! Is everything alright? You left in a rather bizarre, unceremonious way…very unlike the gentleman I met some time ago. Did I say or do something? Was it Agyeiwaa… or Philipp? Please call me when you get this.”

He shook his head and put the phone on the TV stand, without any intention of replying.

No sooner had he spread himself in the long sofa and reached for the DSTV remote than the phone rang. He let the first two ring without answering. “Why is she bothering me now?” he steupsed afterwards. It was when he walked to the TV stand to mute the incoming calls that he realized the number calling for the third time was not Tina, but an unfamiliar one. It was on days like these that he wished the Truecaller application worked on Steve Job’s flagship device.

“Hello…” he answered the phone.



“Good…Philipp here…

Siisi eyes widened. “Philipp from where?” he pretended.

“Philipp from today…at Area Code…” 

“How did you get my number?”

“I’m surprised you’d ask that. But that’s not necessary at this point.”

“What is?”

“The fact that I’d appreciate it very much if you do not mention anything to Ewurama…Ernestina… in case she suspects something and asks.” 

“Something like what?”

“Don’t play coy with me, dude. You know what I mean. We’ve got a good thing going on and your utmost secrecy is required to ensure its continuance. Like she mentioned, we are planning marriage.”

Siisi sighed. “You’d have no problem with that.”

“I hope I don't." Philipp's tone grew stern. "Thanks.”. 

Siisi ended the call, stared at the phone, sighed and smirked whilst shaking his head. "Did he just threaten me?" he asked audibly.

To be continued

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