Rape Me and Spit in My Face Please: I’m Ghanaian – Weekly Wrap-Up from the Morning Man

Source: Ghana | Kojo Yankson | Morning Man
Date: 7th-april-2017 Time:  11:30:14 am

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This week, there’s really only one story I want to talk about, but you know what, the other things that have happened since Monday are also important, so let’s touch on them before I vent my spleen on that one big story.

This week, our focus on Galamsey has intensified significantly. We spent two days with a former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, a conversation that proved to be a catalogue of how NOT to fight Galamsey. Nothing the previous government did made any lasting impact on the fight against illegal mining. But let’s get this clear; the Kufuor government before them achieved a great big nothing in that area too.

Both administrations sat idly by while foreigners trooped into our country, colluded with indigenous nation wreckers to rape our lands and poison our waters. Members of both governments benefitted from turning a blind eye while all this happened. Some of them joined in. Members of Parliament (MPs), Regional party executives, all set up so-called small scale mining companies and used them as a front to mine illegally, deplete our natural resources, poison our water bodies and squander our nation’s future.

So now, here we are, staring death in the face as drinkable water disappears slowly from our map, replaced by a brown sludge laced with mercury and other tasty carcinogens. But slowly, our nation has started to wake up. The media has played its role as the eyes and ears of Ghana, removing the veil of collusion and corruption that has kept this Democide undetected for so long. Now people are awake. Now, people are angry. Now, people are ready to act. And this government promised us they would do it. Pages 89 to 94 of their Manifesto are filled with lofty ideas of reclamation, reaforrestation, conservation, and a glistening, shiny little thing called the Clean Rivers Programme. Yoo. As usual, you have said plenty. Now do plenty.

Worryingly, we discovered in our conversations yesterday [Thursday] with the Minerals Commission that all the licenses they have issued for small scale mining in Ghana are void and illegal because thy were not ratified by parliament as the Constitution demands. So in effect, apart from the large-scale mining companies, every other person or company mining in this company is doing so illegally. All 1000 or so of them – they’re all doing galamsey. The sector Minister, John Peter Amewu confirmed this worrying detail. So what does this mean? Is this the Government’s opportunity to ban all small scale mining, as some watchdogs have been calling for?  WILL they seize this opportunity? Or is it yet another thing to just talk about and not act upon?

Anyway, now, let me talk about the thing that has really bothered and scared me this week. And I won’t talk too much – just lay out the facts. So a group of NPP footsoldiers called the Delta Force have stormed a courtroom, abused a lady judge and effected the escape of 13 of their members who had just been remanded to custody pending trial for assaulting a member of the security services appointed by the President.

The Delta Force. This is a group that the NPP’s leadership has sponsored, protected and defended to the point where they now believe they have the right to do these things. Kennedy Agyapong - an MP and one of the party’s most prominent financiers - openly admits to flying around the country, funding and tasking these criminals to protect ballot boxes during the recent election. He reveals that the party promised these hooligans government jobs with salaries that you and I will pay. He goes further to pledge that if any of them faces trial for assaulting the Presidential Appointee, he himself will lead a demonstration against government.

So yesterday’s profane violation of this country’s rule of law must not have come as a surprise to him.

The Delta Force. I wonder if it occurs to the ruling NPP what they have done. They have raised a monster that is now threatening to devour them. They have validated and empowered criminals. And now, they want to pretend it’s not their problem. “Let the Police act”, the President told us, as if he didn’t even know who these people are.

“They are protecting State assets,” Acting Chairman, Freddy Blay – a lawyer, no less – told us in defense of their other criminal child, the Invisible Forces.

“It’s revenge. Nothing wrong with tit-for-tat,” the Deputy General Secretary,  another bleeding lawyer, told us.

“There are no groups to disband,” National Security Minister Kan Dapaah told Parliament yesterday.

These monstrous children of the NPP have slapped the nation in its face and retorted “You can’t do a thing.” I wonder if they’re right.

Today, we will talk about it. Stay with us.

My name is Kojo Yankson, and this week, while foreigners raped us, government spat in our faces.

Good Morning, GHANAFO!

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