My Musing: Worthy Gambles

Source: Paa Kwesi Williams
Date: 8th-august-2017 Time:  6:15:21 pm

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When I wrote the last episode of my first serial, The Confession after a 10-week period, I decided to embark on a short break which took longer than originally expected. The break was to afford me the opportunity to regain the mental strength that was drained from writing that serial. Believe me or not, each episode was a laborious, quasi-tortuous moment for me as it was an unfamiliar literary territory for me – out of my comfort zone. And in a manner akin to how Bishop Dag Heward-Mills established a ‘new church’ and called it First Love Chapel in Legon (ostensibly to return to where it all begun), I also, in this piece revert to my comfort zone, albeit briefly to share with you some nuggets I picked up whilst on my sabbatical.

I caused a radio advertisement to be made on my behalf when personal attempts to get an apartment through family and friends yielded very little results. In the advertisement, I mentioned some areas I was looking at securing the apartment without the hustle of dealing with agents for a whopping 10% commission on the 2-year advance payment made to the landlord, aside the equally mandatory ‘moving fee’, for very incommensurate work done.

I almost regretted doing that, as my phone would not stop ringing - a call literally came through almost every 2 minutes for about an hour after the announcement is made on air thrice a day. A significant number of the calls were property owners with apartments outside my preferred locations, which made the episode really irksome. The more exacerbating part was the fact that apartments in my preferred locations were being let out for a price, sometimes twice my budget (which was also quite high, in my estimation). “Do I revise upwards my budget, which will drain me financially, or do I consider other locations?” I asked her (let’s leave it there). Considering relevant factors like easy access to transportation and distance to various places like work and church, vehicular traffic amongst other things, the former seemed appropriate. Something had to give, anyway.

So after about two weeks of futile search, whilst considering the revised budget estimate and how it distorted plans, I thought of ending the call from the man who had called me after hearing the announcement on air that particular afternoon with an apartment in a location I hadn’t even thought of - I didn’t like it. I had consigned myself to the fact that I needed to pay more than expected if I really wanted a property in any of my preferred locations, so what business did I have talking to this man? Nonetheless, out of courtesy, I listened to him and for no apparent reason, decided to visit the location with a friend of mine later that day. Suffice it to say, we were completely blown away. It was exactly what I was looking for, at a very reasonable rate, but not in my list of preferred locations. I however, settled on it after some enquiries from some acquaintances that lived around.

Out of curiosity, I sought to elicit from my would-be landlord why he called me even though his property was outside the locations he had heard on air. “Tenacity”, he said in vernacular. I sighed.

Is it the reason why an individual will apply to fill a role in a company whilst he doesn’t possess the requisite qualifications required? Is it the reason why that young man still continues to pursue his love interest in that lady who is out of his league? Is it the reason why some people persevere to reach the top contrary to what the naysayers tell them on their daunting journey up the ladder? Is it what drives some to punch above their weight and still win? My landlord nodded in agreement.

So what am I saying in this piece? I’m simply telling you not to lose hope when you do not meet the requirements set out in the job posting. I’m asking you not to pay any attention to the required years of experience being sought for the role. They may not call you for an interview – they may hang up on you, and that is understandable. But what if they don’t? Have you thought about it? What if they call for an interview and take a gamble on you? But you see? There is one caveat in embarking on this journey. Please know that if you are asking another to take a gamble on you whilst fully armed with the knowledge that you ordinarily do not qualify for the role, then it is only fair and proper that, like my would-be landlord did, you blow them away with what you actually possess, either instantly or over a period. Make their gamble worthwhile, either the employer, the lady (*wink*) or whoever. 

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