Mettle, Mustapha and Money– Weekly Wrap-Up from the Morning Man

Source: Kojo Yankson
Date: 14th-april-2017 Time:  6:50:01 am

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So here we are: it’s Good Friday. The celebration of the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. The price that God’s Son paid for our forgiveness. 2017 years later, the human race still struggles to prove itself worthy of that sacrifice. And the people of Ghana are certainly no exception to this. Anyway, in the rather profound words of this year’s VGMA Artiste of the Year, Joe Mettle, “we are children of God. Sometimes, we get what we don’t deserve”.

For days, people debated his win on social media. It was amusing to read some of the reasons why people thought he didn’t deserve it. I guess some people don’t realize just how popular gospel music is in Ghana – and just how hard these gospel artistes work. They certainly perform at far more gigs to averagely larger crowds than artistes of other genres – and people still spend money on gospel music, even as they download other genres free from the internet (I don’t know whether that’s just a good dose of Christian guilt at work; y’know, we can steal anything as long as we don’t steal God’s music, right?).

Anyway, Joe Mettle worked his backside off over the past year, and he won the big prize for it. That’s how the world should be. Don’t hate. Congratulate.

Also this week, the NDC held a press conference which was addressed by the party chairman, Mr Kofi Portuphy. He was disappointed by the ruling party’s inability to control the lawlessness exhibited by some of their supporters and foot soldiers – the Delta and Invincible Forces in particular. He was shocked at the fact that the crime of escaping lawful custody by the Delta 13 attracted no more than a fine – a view which I must admit many Ghanaians share with him.

But I’m sure those same Ghanaians will burst into convulsive fits of laughter to hear these views coming from a person like Mr Portuphy. Was he not the same person the police found to have an AK47 assault rifle in his vehicle during the recent elections? An AK 47 - a Kalashnikov! What does a Party Chairman need an assault rifle for? And how does a non-military person get a permit to carry that? Did he even have a permit for it? Was he charged for that crime? Was he tried for it? How does he get off expressing disappointment in the fining of the 13 Delta Force members for escaping custody? Did he not escape justice entirely? Did that disappoint him?

Anyway, that’s the hypocrisy of politics. After the NPP depended on the brute force of these foot soldiers – some of them known criminals – during the election, they now want to act surprised at heir criminal activities after the elections. Meanwhile, the NDC, whose President sprung convicted contemnors from jail, are shocked that other political criminals have been fined for skipping custody pending trial. Just when you thought they couldn’t shock you any further…

Oh, lest I forget, Mr Mustapha Hamid was on the show earlier this week. He brought us up to date on several issues. There were some matters which he didn’t have ready answers for, but, to his credit, he called me that night with all the outstanding details. For example. Mr Woyome has stopped making the scheduled payments as he promised he would. He has gone to the international courts, seeking to avoid paying back the money he received unconstitutionally from the government of Ghana some years ago. Our attorney General will have to go and defend Ghana’s right to the 51 million cedis yet again. The merry-go-round continues.

The Information Minister also confirmed that members of the committee set up by Mr Boakye Agyarko to look into the Ameri Power Deal, flew first class to Dubai on the ticket of Ameri. They were also given money for shopping by Ameri – the company they were supposed to be investigating. Never mind that most of the committee members were the same government officials who worked on the original deal that is now being investigated. It seems some Ghanaians just can’t grasp the concept of Conflict of Interest.

Also, this week, the Cedi appears to have poured cocaine, steroids, red bull and aircraft fuel into a blender, chucked in a few tablets of Viagra and drank the whole thing in one gulp, because it has been gaining strength in leaps and bounds. The NPP believe this is all down to speculators showing confidence in the economic policy direction of this new government. The NDC of course, disagree. They make a point of reminding the ruling party that their borrowing of 3 billion dollars in 3 months is what has actually increased the supply of dollars in the system, thereby bringing down its price in relation to the cedi.

The two parties continue to disagree, but personally, do I care? The cedi is kicking international butt, and I’m waiting patiently to start feeling it in my pocket. The politicians can fight all they want, as long as it will cost me less cedis to pay my son’s school fees, I don’t care what they tell each other. Right? But 3 billion in three months too… no be easy o. Anyway… change has come. Anaa?

Anyway, thoe are the highlights of the week so far. Next Monday will mark 100 days of NPP in government. Dr Bawumia will join us at a live Town Hall event to assess the government’s performance so far and the roadmap for the future. Evans Mensah and I will moderate it live on Joy FM as well as Joy News on MultiTV. Don’t miss it, ok?

My name is Kojo Yankson, and it’s been a week of Mettle, Mustapha and Money.

Good Morning, GHANAFO!

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