Edwinology's Lab: The condonisation of condoms

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Date: 14th-february-2017 Time:  9:28:53 am

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A counselor and elder  of the church of Pentecost, New Achimota District, Mr Nii Armah Hammond, has admonished stakeholders to allow teenagers who can’t control their libido to be allowed to have safe sex.

In his opinion, safe sex is the best means of preventing teenage pregnancy and its associated complications and other ramification  including bringing otherwise bright future of the victims to ruins.


In matters of ABC-based sex education, you will generally find two types of opponents to the option of abstinence.

Those who fear that faith drives this controversial discussion and those whose faith is in fears that exclusive abstinence for youths fails miserably.

We cannot help those in the first group because yes- faith drives moral discussions. But we can help the latter because fear of failure is not faith. And so E-lab today, writes to help the second group. We write not to open the eyes of the blind, but we can strengthen feeble hands.

This call by our counsellor here is a faith in fear. That the emphasis on abstinence from sex will lead to nothing but a colossal mulling of young girls at the hands of intemperate young men - and old men too.

Before we proceed dear reader, be rest assured that issues of salvation cannot be bogged down to morality. There is so much more. Morality in itself is insufficient visa for heaven -only faith in Christ. For heaven will have its share of former prostitutes while hell its share of current virgins.


When the world is not a shocking place to be, it is unusually a funny place to be.

One of the most obvious features of this world is that it feels very certain about being uncertain. It is very sure that it must not be sure of things. It is a 'what if' world. It feels very strong about being very weak.

The counselor is certain that abstinence is an uncertain strategy. And is also sure that we can't be sure about heaven or hell. If you ask him his nationality, he may probably tell you that he is a British-born Ghanaian with a Finnish passport and a Zimbabwean mother. He is not sure of anything not even of his father's love for him even after he has foot his tuition fees for 25 wearisome years.

He is not supposed to say I want to be perfect and try, he must say I cannot be perfect but let's hope I can.

A big man once told his friends in a garden 'don't eat this melon, if you do, you will die. They responded ' are you sure?' And the rest is the reason why this century, in particular, loves to be unsure.

That is essentially what this whole issue is about - allow teenagers to have sex with condom- Pentecost counsellor.

The thing about moral convictions is that any campaign against it is not really a campaign against God. It is a campaign against salt in the kitchen.

People who don't want to hear about moral convictions are really hungry people who are about to get even more angry when they discover to their dismay, their appetizing, colourful, aroma-rousing food is - tasteless. The good-looking food is only good enough for photography.

We must choose salty abstinence or sweet promiscuity. And salt is exalted in the kitchen more than sugar.

E-Lab has grown suspicious of any man who described condoms for teens as a 'practical and progressive' way to deal with the problem posed by the sexually active youths.

When the world talks about progress, it is really and only talking about one sign - it is the 'stop work' sign. Progress has never meant a green light, it is always a red light. Nothing is more obvious than this.

Last year, the venerable Kofi Annan said since the world has failed to stop the marijuana trade, it is time we legalise it to better control it.

Mahama Ayariga, the honorable man above honor, when he was Environment minister, argued that since 'galamsey' has gotten out of hand, it is time to lay supine and legalise it so we regulate it.

Then local government experts admitted that since we have failed to keep partisanship out of local government elections, we should change the law to make it fully partisan.

The sound of failure has grown so loud that we have been advised that since we have failed to restrain a man from finding love in another man's anus so we should legalise it so we live and let them live.

We are so proud to stop work. And it is this twisted way of things that is a serious problem of this world.

When an army surrenders, it hoists a white flag. When a morality surrenders it hoists a white condom.

Condom is a few alphabets away from condone. This new virtue of compromise in these matters is an agreement that half of loaf is not just better than none, it is in fact better than the whole loaf, to paraphrase the words of my friend Chesterton.

Those who believe condoning condom use reduces the risk of unprepared fathers and derailed careers are not really wrong. Two journeymen having nothing but carrying a lumber across a wilderness are right to complain about the effect of the weight on their backs and the uneasiness of journeying with it.

One man too grumpy and fed up chopped and trimmed his lumber to reduce its size as severe as it reduced the risk of waist pains. Soon his lumber was nothing more than a walking stick, his career to cross the wilderness was steady and on course.

Until he finds that at the end of the wilderness is a general need for a lumber heavy enough to across a chasm to the city of men. But what can he do with a walking stick when his companions have crossed over with the risky lumbers?

If a young man's career ambition is to walk around the wilderness, surely the lumber is a health risk. But if his aim is to get to town, the lumber is a sweet burden. Somebody called this lumber an old rugged cross and said he wants to cling to it as an exchange for a crown.

People who say abstinence is unreasonable put unreasonable faith in reason.

If all the virtues in this world went to war with all the vices of this world, the battlefield with be strewn with many dead virtues and vices. But only three will stand - hope, faith and love.

And these three stand only because and exactly because they are unreasonable. Hope is not needed unless the situation is hopeless. Faith is not invited unless we have not seen and loving the lovable is not what made Beauty and the Beast a best-seller.

E-Lab will not endorse the inconvenience that teenage pregnancy creates. But in looking at unplanned things, we should see that sleeping is a planned activity but - waking up is not. Yet E-lab is yet to see a man mourn the interference of sunrise and the great inconvenience waking up creates.

So yes -Chesterton is right. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.

And yes again he is right when he says ' sex is an instinct which creates an institution' - the institution of a family. It is a gate around a large house called responsibility.

If we train this generation to hang around gates, to hiss to the woman inside the house, peep through walls and lurk around the gates at night,  we are raising a generation of armed robbers who will storm in not in black hoods but hooded in white condoms.

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