Bright Simons writes...Don't expend breath on Trump "shithole" comment

Source: Bright Simons
Date: 14th-january-2018 Time:  2:38:52 pm

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I'm tired of seeing Trump on my timeline! I refresh looking for something interesting to tickle my curiosity and all I see is "s***hole", "s***thole"!

Much of the debate over stuff Trump says is really pointless. It won't make any change. It won't generate any results. As far as I can see, the man is beyond the pale. He cannot be offended back, reasoned with, stared down or shamed. He has crossed every line and been rewarded for it. We haven't got any leverage with him anymore. So why on Earth are we still expending breath on him?

Secondly, we keep confusing "ought" with "is".

Yes, everyone deserves equal respect for just being human. Where you come from shouldn't matter. It shouldn't matter where you went to school. It shouldn't matter what your occupation is. It shouldn't matter what your family name is. It shouldn't matter the company you keep and where you sleep, and what class of air travel you patronise

You deserve respect and honour just for being you. My personal philosophy.

Now take a deep look at yourself and be honest with your own frigging self!

Do you abide by this code YOURSELF? Do you RESPECT all human beings the same way and treat all of them with equal deference?

No? You don't? Is that a guilty flicker of the brow I see?

Then take note: that's how it works in the global community as well. Your Ghana passport BRANDS you. That corner of the eye look the immigration officer gives you and that wrinkling of the nose. That dismissive tone. That's what they're all about, in case you've been puzzled. You have been BRANDED. That is what IS. Shouldn't be. Ought not to be. But it IS.

Should we fight against such sentiment? Should we all contribute to the global fight against disrespect and prejudice based on who people are, where they come from, their accents and colour of their skin?

You bet we should.

Should we focus on folks like Trump who are steeped in their narrow view of the world and are pandering to a political base? Who HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE?

Only perfunctorily. Only dismissively.

Spending too much time on them is a complete waste of our time. They can't be shamed. They can't be converted. They can't be punished (in fact they are rewarded by their base). And they can't be isolated any further. So what exactly is the strategy behind this sustained...."campaign"?

We should focus on those who can be impacted: the media, academia, young people, religious institutions, global institutions etc. Anyone who shapes the narrative who can be influenced, converted, blackmailed, strong-armed or persuaded. Elementary realpolitik.

Insulting Trump till the chickens come home to roost won't do a thing to change global narratives of disrespect. "Fighting" him yields no results.

Doing the hard work of projecting positive symbols, protesting stupid adverts like the H&M one, and saturating the world with groundbreaking feats like the Japanese did with maglev in the 80s would make a greater impact on those who can be reached. Those who can be persuaded. Those who can be converted.

You can also say: "we ain't got nothing to prove to anyone!" Beautiful.

So why the heck are we crying and shouting and screaming about being dissed by Trump then?

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