The contest that ended as a warm-up; Konogo-Odumase SHS sound title warning with record 61pts

Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 13th-june-2018 Time:  2:59:47 pm

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Curious eyes will be cast the way of Konogo-Odumase SHS whose 61 points at the preliminary stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz is the highest so far by a mile.

End of contest: Konongo-Odumase SHS: 61, pts Nkonya SHS: 19 pts, Yendi SHS: 18 pts.

The results leave the two losing schools with even slimer chances to progress to the next stage.

Eighteen high-scoring losing schools get a second chance to make amends as they progress to the next stage.

Of the 15 losing schools so far, EPC Mawuko Girls SHS have the least score of 11 points.

Nkonya SHS and Yendi SHS would feel some safety in their 19pts, 18 pts respectively knowing they could still be part of the 18 losing schools with good enough scores for a second chance.

The losing school with the highest score on Quiz Day 3 is Swedru SHS who have 44 pts.


  1. Swedru SHS - 44 pts.
  2. Pope John SHS - 39pts
  3. Saviour SHS -37
  4. OKESS - 36pts
  5. Krobo Girls' SHS -33pt
  6. Navrongo SHS - 22pts
  7. Tepa SHS - 21pts
  8. Nkonya SHS - 19pts
  9. Afia Kobi Ampem SHS - 18pts
  10. Kumasi Girls' SHS - 18pts
  11. Kinbu SHTS - 18pts
  12. Yendi SHS - 18pts
  13. Fiaseman SHS - 17pts
  14. Ve SHTS - 13pts
  15. EPC Mawuko Girls SHS - 11pts

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