That's My Opinion: We don't care who is Next to Die

Source: Ghana |
Date: 20th-march-2017 Time:  4:27:16 pm

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Every now and then I brave the odds to point out hidden and obvious flaws in our lives. Some are annoying, some are frustrating and others are very sad.

In today's Opinion I will point out a very sad flaw, while trying to answer some intriguing questions about us.

Were we always like this? Did we change some where along our history? Is this our lot or there's hope for us ?

Are we going to pass this 'lot' on to the generations after us?

Either way, for now, my answer to Seth Kwame Boateng's , documentary on KATH. "NEXT TO DIE' is simple... The harsh and painful truth is that,

Tune in at 8pm tonight to find out why I say so. You ucan also log in to and listen live to the programme.

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