Road to Kakum National Park inundated with potholes; tourists outraged

Source: Richard Kwadwo Nyarko | Joy News | Central Region
Date: 14th-june-2018 Time:  7:14:56 am

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Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko has painstakingly counted all the potholes on the Cape Coast to Kakum National Park road which have developed barely 18 months after work stopped.

The road has been in a deplorable state for years causing incalculable losses to the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, managers of the Kakum National Park. 

The revenue of one of the world’s heritage sites suffered a string of reductions from one year to the other because tourists felt uncomfortable travelling on the stretch to visit the attraction.

Joy News’ persistent reportage stemming from the cries of tourists and other users of the road made some impact and some works begun on the road in November 2016.

There was a relief to users of the road when the construction commenced and eventually the terrible nightmare of many who use the road vanished. 

Praises went to the government as the road that leads to one of the world’s most patronised Canopy walkways received some attention.

However, work stalled mid-way to its completion and the contractors parked out of site after the change of government. 

Residents and tourists have been held spell-bound, wondering when the road the construction of would be continued.

The 24 kilometres out of the total 32 kilometre-stretch between the Mpeasem police barrier in Cape Coast and Jukwa–Frami, the town before the home of Kakum National Park, Abrafo Odumase, which has been tackled by the road contractors, is now in a very bad state.

The parlous state of the road has left many wondering whether the road construction was done in good faith. 

The road lay before the residents like a tarmac ribbon; albeit, one that had been worn over time.

A white line ran down the centre, relatively unbroken with many potholes that have been counted to almost a thousand.

Motorists who use the road say the entire road network has become extremely terrible having to dodge potholes looking like a popular Ghanaian indoor game called ‘Oware’.

Drivers who ply the road say the pothole-related breakdowns on the road have surged in the last six months. 

Reasons for the breakdowns, according to the drivers include broken suspension springs, damaged shock absorbers and distorted wheels.

Beyond the mess on the newly constructed pothole-ridden road, is the remaining stretch that links Jukwa-Frami to Mfuom.

Tourists and residents  Joy News spoke with want government to pay an urgent attention to the road by ensuring the contractor finishes the road construction and clears the mess on the ones it has already constructed that have yawning potholes.

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