MP vows to resist 8 Ghanaians in Canada pushing for LGBT legalisation

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Date: 23rd-august-2017 Time:  4:41:19 pm

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Assin South MP, John Ntim Fordjour has raised concern about plans to pressurize government into legalising homosexuality, bestiality and lesbianism.

The MP, who is also the senior pastor of Victory Bible Church International, East Legon branch, has rallied Ghanaians to once again reject the move because it offends religion and the 1992 Constitution.

There is a group in Canada said to be collecting signatures to petition the Canadian government to apply diplomatic pressures on Ghana to legalise same-sex practices deemed offensive.

A Canadian website reported, some Ghanaians showed up a multicultural festival to collect signatures against anti-LGBT laws.

They are seen in a photo holding notepads and pens in Winnipeg, Canada which is home to a flourishing gay community after gay marriage was legalized on July 20, 2005.

"The way they are treating the LGBTQ community in Ghana is so very bad," said Abdulai, who organized the effort. "People get killed [over] their sexual activities."

But the Assin South MP, a debutant in the 2017 parliament, wants Ghanaians to remain alert and resist plans to give same-sex practices legitimacy.

He referred to Article 39 of the 1992 constitutions which detail the country's cultural objectives.

 (1) Subject to clause (2) of this article, the State shall take steps to encourage the integration of appropriate customary values into the fabric of national life through formal and informal education and the conscious introduction of cultural dimensions to relevant aspects of national planning.

(2) The State shall ensure that appropriate customary and cultural values are adapted and developed as an integral part of the growing needs of the society as a whole; and in particular that traditional practices which are injurious to the health and well-being of the person of the person are abolished.

He said the practice of homosexuality is being pushed as a human rights issue to infiltrate a society that has already determined it as unacceptable.

The MP said, "there is no culture, there is no tribe, there is no religion in whose doctrines glorify homosexuality, lesbianism and bestiality".

"Let us rise up and raise this awareness…there must be a strong resistance" he said Wednesday on Joy News program, The Pulse.

Homosexuality is a crime in 38 African countries.

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