Ghana has enough foreigners, don’t add troops – Rawlings wades into military deal

Source: Ghana | | Austin Brakopowers | M: | Instagram: @realbrakopowers
Date: 21st-march-2018 Time:  8:05:06 pm

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Ex-president Jerry John Rawlings has cautioned against a decision that will allow the US military troops an unfettered access to facilities in Ghana.  

He said although Ghanaians may have love for Americans, they will not be happy to have “foreign troops on such a scale” living among them.

Mr Rawlings was reacting to the joint military agreement between the government and its US counterpart.

The deal is currently awaiting the ratification of Parliament but it has generated backlash with sections of Ghanaians calling for it to be withdrawn.

Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has justified the agreement, saying Ghana will be the ultimate beneficiary.

The US administration is expected to invest $20million in training and providing equipment for the Ghanaian armed forces.

The Minority in Parliament has served notice it will oppose the agreement, arguing the benefits the country stands to gain is disproportionate to what the US regime is getting.

Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul 

Wading into the matter, the ex-president has asked the government to reconsider the deal before going ahead with it.

“Ghanaians have enough foreigners dominating their economic and social life. Adding foreign troops to the discomfort would be a bit too much,” he tweeted Wednesday.

Mr Rawlings said Ghanaians have felt “stateless” before in their lifetime and will not want that to be repeated.

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