Bring the sick, deaf and dumb - Agyinasare launches Festival of Miracles

Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 3rd-january-2018 Time:  1:31:27 pm

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare remembers the year 1983. He was in a region where hunger for food was the same as his own hunger for God - the North.

His geographical location matched his spiritual state - dry and thirsty for the power of God. A boyish-looking 'broomstick' after a routine fasting and prayers.

This was where he began his church. The Brother Charles ministry. It began under the inadequate protection of a tree but under the protection of God.

It was God who told him, 'My boy Charles, I send you as I sent Moses' to work miracles and bring the message of salvation and freedom to all people including the sick, deaf and dumb.

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Time has proved this private commissioning true. And for 35 years Bishop Charles Agyinasare's crusades have been under the cruise control of the Holy Spirit.

He has witnessed God's healing power working in 87 countries he has visited, some of them, very unfancied territories for Christian evangelism - Ukraine, Bahrain.

And so seated in a nice room with journalists with jotters and cameras, the Presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel threw an invitation to the sick, deaf and dumb to come to the Independence Square.

On January 30 to February 2, 2018,  there will be a festival of miracles. Not one day, not two - but four days.


He launched the Festival of Miracles as calmly as a man who knows God has got his back.

There was no fiery predictions and emotionally charged declarations to convince his audience that he is up for the challenge.

In the sphere of the miraculous, the Bishop was very comfortable in a very uncomfortable territory for many.

Rev Tackie Yarboi talked to us about his relationship with Charles Agyinasare. They go way back. He has been with him on several crusades and he picked out three incidents - in Koforidua, Sierra Leone and another country.

A lifeless body of a woman who had fallen from a building was tossed up through the crowd and unto the platform where the pastor was ministering.

Tackie Yarboi said Charles prayed for the woman, held her hand and said in the name of Jesus get up. The woman breathed deeply and sat up.

The rest is history. The crusade ground burst into an uproar.

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, at a huge stadium bursting its seams, Bishop Charles Agyinasare told the crowd, there was a woman with skin like snake scales.

When it was time for prayer, this woman showed up comprehensively covered to hide her reptile-like flesh.

Rev. Tackie Yarboi revealed his own fears of embarrassment if the expectation of healing was unfulfilled.

'Oh God, don't fail us', the pastor gazed into the sky hunting for God.

The woman's skin changed into the fresh beauty of normality - shock, awe rippled through the crowd.

There have been too many of these jaw-dropping experiences for Charles and during the launch, he never spoke of any of them.

It was his friends -well-known men of God who told stories of miracles they have been blessed to witness firsthand from their close relationship with Bishop Charles Agyinasare.

The unity of pastors in supporting their friend was beautiful - even rare. How oh beautiful it is when brethren dwell together in unity. For there is Lord commands a blessing, even life forevermore.

Festival of miracles

From CEM Steven Mensah, Ampiah Kofi, Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam, Bishop SN Mensah and Pastor Anthony Cudjoe who remembered posting Brother Charles posters back in the days in the Northern region.

Steven Mensah testified the blessedness of Bishop Charles Agyinasare ministry after he spent five days with his church, CEM.

There was an overflow of miracles, healings and deliverance, he said and out of great love for the Bishop, the church gave him an impressive offering.

Charles Agyinasare in his younger years was given the money in his hotel room and Rev. Steve Mensah remembered that he took the money and started sharing it to his team to design posters, hire chairs, build a platform for a crusade in some forgotten part of the country.

Rev. Steven Mensah remembered he was pretty upset at how money meant to make the pastor a little comfortable was immediately being re-invested into an energy-sapping venture of a crusade.

Steven Mensah

We laughed.

This was years ago. Bishop Charles Agyinasare has not lost his zeal for crusades just as he has not lost his extremely boyish look.

He wore a white polished cotton with an embroidery of gold designs that split through the middle from chest to knee.

His physique and face look like a preserved teenager in a body of a 55-year old.

Perhaps God's miracle has preserved his body too. He who sells perfumes, shouldn't smell awful, should he?

Today, Bishop Agyinasare has a church which seats 14,000 congregants - the largest in Ghana. Only 35 years ago, he presided over a church under a tree.

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But his new air-conditioned environment has not conditioned his zeal for evangelism and crusades.

And for four days, he is going back to the open air of the Independence Square for his favourite work.

The 'broomstick' is God stick for miracles and not even post-modern scepticism and refinement will douse God's desire to remain the same miracle-working Supremo.

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