You can look like a Lexus - Lexis Bill leads Ghana's fitness campaign

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Date: 3rd-november-2017 Time:  5:19:58 pm

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Media personality Lexis Bill believes everyone can look like a Lexus - fit and free from flat fat.

Born Kwame Sakyiama, the media personality is using his influence to address Ghana's most underestimated professional baggage - a lack of exercise.

The simplicity of these words - lack of exercise - is a terrible disguise for sudden deaths in the office and in sleep; diabetes, stroke, hypertension and all those diseases that appear a century ahead of one's young age.

For Lexis Bill, an experience seven years ago sparked his interest in fitness.

Working at a radio station in Kumasi, he observed that despite looking healthy, he got tired easily. He also had short breath.

Lexis decided to exercise - perhaps thinking that if symptoms persist for more than seven days, he will consult a doctor.

On a little hill in his neighbourhood, the man whose physique had a false impression of health began trudging up.

Lexis recounts that barely 10 minutes into the exercise, an older woman jogged past him with an ease which made him uneasy. The scene was a verdict and he says a brief moment of drenching in sweat of disappointment gave way to fresh determination.

Within a week, Lexis says, he felt better and fitter. Oxygen molecules jog better through his respiration system so his short breath normalised.

The exercise helped his appetite which improved his supply of energy. Lexis has not turned back since that day, keeping an enviable fitness regime for seven years.

Of course, some carbohydrates have filled up his muscles but he says that is just a bonus. The real benefit is fitness.

The TV celebrity today leads young professionals in a keep-fit exercise that is set to grow bigger.

Lexis Bill walk

At the last edition of his monthly health walk, the Health Minister and many other renowned media personalities joined in as a sort of thumbs up for the media personality's initiative.

Lexis Bill walk

Scores of men and women trudge the hill at Aburi and chatted along, replacing the pain in the muscles with a pleasure in the heart.

Now once every two months, the Lexis Bill fitness train ditch cars and comfort and embrace a new hobby of jogging for fitness in a generation where people are silently dying behind swivel chairs and bright laptops.

Lexis Bill UG

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