This Week’s Special: The ‘crazy' 2018 eyebrow formula you shouldn't miss

Source: Ghana||Naa Sakwaba Akwa
Date: 9th-february-2018 Time:  12:40:53 pm

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Looking good is a big deal for women. They will go to great lengths to look good, feel good.

Eyebrows are an important part of a woman’s beauty make-up. The contest for more flashy standout brows gets hotter for brides but a look good, feel good eyebrow can be for any occasion even for a corporate environment. In the past, no one really paid attention to them but that has changed and if you thought brows were an afterthought of beauty, perhaps you need to rethink because now, they are a focus.

From trimming to shaving off the entire brow, modern women have adopted a stunningly interesting way to achieve their desired facial look. Some of these include eyebrow transplant and in very extreme instances microblading, a kind of tattooing where tiny strokes of ink are added to resemble hairs. This semi-permanent treatment could last up to three years.

Eyebrow 1

Photo caption: Microbalding promises a natural-looking, fuller, sexy brow in a flash

According to a Guardian article, there are more than three million Instagram posts with #brows. That number has soared to over 10 million. There is also more than over two million posts with #browsonfleek,  with over a million tutorials on YouTube, all with different diagrams on how to get your brows on fleek.

Some of these videos have been watched over three million times. This is indicative that women could spend about an hour just to get the perfect brows.

Personally, I have well-shaped brows so I have never trimmed or shaved them off for any reason.

So many times, in the salon, other women who can’t go a moment without having their brows shaved, trimmed or painted have asked how I manage to keep my brows in such good shape. And my response always, is “I’ve never had to touch them.”

Eyebrow 2

Photo Caption: A perfect brow is difficult to attain

Most people don’t believe it, the few who do are usually green with envy and a few bold ones tell me about their struggle to keep their ‘wild’ eyebrows tamed. Those who have very little, say they prefer to shave it off and have one painted to make up for missing out.

Not many men are impressed with this trend though. On social media platforms, times without number, many have complained about the amount of time women spend just to achieve a look. While some see it as a put-off, others who agree with them, don’t hold back the trolls when a #browsonfleek is everything but on fleek.

Eyebrow 3

Photo caption: 2017 was a year for crazy brows

The year 2017 saw some of the weirdest brow trends in fashion history. Videos and pictures on social media went from awkward contours to lightning bolts, Nike swoosh, rainbows. Some so-called fashionistas took the whole brow shaping trend to a crazy level and some of the pictures, as you can see, are unbelievable.

But if you think that is all, you’re probably mistaken. One afternoon as I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a rather shocking video.

Posted a year ago, the video shows how to apply stick on eyebrow wigs. The wigs were initially designed for cancer patients going through chemotherapy or people with Alopecia.

Eyebrow 4

Photo caption: The wigs come in various shapes

A blogger Natalie’s Outlet documented the whole experience and showed viewers how to use the eyebrow wigs without breaking a sweat.

The video is a year old and as shocking as it is, I think it is a good thing and it will save women a lot of time. Ladies go grab yours! 

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