Resolutions are only hopes, wishes and dreams if you don’t work at them - Dr Perbi

Source: Ghana | | Naa Sakwaba Akwa |
Date: 2nd-january-2018 Time:  12:26:53 pm

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When the year draws to a close, people do introspection and reevaluation of their lives, and with it comes a new set and sometimes a tall list of things they hope to achieve in the new year.

It has, however, become apparent that while making the list is easy, taking the steps to achieve the goals set may be just as difficult as passing a camel through the eye of a needle.

Many reasons are given for this, but speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, discussing the 360 degrees of goal setting, a medical doctor, coach, teacher, trainer and global CEO of the HUD Group says only one reason accounts for this.

Dr Yaw Perbi said people fail to achieve their goals simply because they don’t work at them as they should.

“Don’t say new year resolutions don’t work until you’ve worked them the right way.”

For him, nothing works until it is handled like it should.

“People say marriage doesn’t work, Ghana doesn’t work…whatever you think doesn’t work, you need to stop and ask yourself, ‘am I working it right’”.

But because we are not working things the way they should, we claim they don’t work, he added.

Even for those who do not specifically make lists for the year, Dr Perbi believes once there is an aim, it should be backed by actions that will yield the desired result.

What should you be looking at when setting a goal? Here are four main things:

1. Proper Framework: things that must characterize your goals

This relates to the Simon Sinek theory which talks about the golden circle consisting the ‘why, how and what’ of a goal.

Many a time, Dr Perbi said those who attempt to use this theory concentrate on the last two, leaving the most pressing part of the, the ‘why’.

“Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to lose weight this year? Why do you want another degree.”

“Unless we have a powerful why, we cannot sustain this whole goal setting business,” Dr Perbi indicated.

He said until people discover their purpose, goals, no matter how succinct, cannot be attained.

“If you know the purpose for which you are here, based on that you begin to set goals, otherwise, goal-setting is a tough job because you don’t have the ‘why’.”

2. The Process

Like any management cycle, there is planning, implementation and evaluation. For those who set goals in 2017, this is the time to evaluate.

Dr Perbi says people need to stop and do a retrospection of their lives from time to time, especially at the beginning of the year.

Until this has been done, there is no need to rush and set new goals.

“If you set any goals in 2017, this is the time to evaluate. And if you have a Type A personality trait, you don’t like to stop, but you need to stop from time to time to evaluate,” he said.

Also, goals must be SMART. That is, they should be:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

3. Anatomy of goal setting

Dr Perbi says in laying out what goals to set, there are three important Rs that should be considered.

  • Requirement:  Consider what is required of you as a person”

“Don’t start setting goals about wanting to go on a vacation in Dubai when you haven’t set goals about what is required of you…think about that ‘R’, what is required of me. This is a question of priority.”

  • Results: What gives me the greatest results, since it is not everything that requires the setting of a goal, Dr Perbi.

“Look at the things that you have a gift in and seek to improve on it.”

If you realize you have a gift in public speaking, it is appropriate to take up courses that will improve this gift.

But if you do not have this gift, there is no point in striving to be like the person who is already almost perfect.

People like this need to find something else that they have an inkling in and work on improving those.

“Look at the areas that give the greatest results because we don’t all have the same potential for all the things. We need to identify the areas that we have the greatest impact and focus on those areas,” Dr Perbi added.

Dr Perbi discusses the last step and many other issues on the show. Also, a high ranking military official provides an understanding of military mentality when it comes to setting and acheiveing goals.

Below is a complete audio of the discussion.



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