Hotline Documentary: ‘Poison on the Menu’ highlights health risk

Source: Ghana |
Date: 15th-may-2017 Time:  5:05:47 pm

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Experts are warning the food you eat could be killing you slowly with or without your knowledge thanks to both deliberate and inadvertent contamination.

Such contamination by both living and non-living things could happen from the farm during production, through transportation, storage and food preparation.

Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo in his latest Hotline Documentary ‘Poison on the Menu’ puts the spotlight on some of these forms of contamination including the use of polluted sources of water for irrigation and wrongful application of pesticides.

In the documentary, victims of food poisoning share their harrowing near-death experiences as a result of the consumption of contaminated foods.

Researchers at KNUST reveal details of studies that show selected vegetables being consumed in the Kumasi Metropolis including carrot, cabbage and green pepper had been contaminated with high levels of residue and faecal matter.

Farmers were found to be using such polluted water sources for irrigation because they are convinced it adds more nutrition to the soil.

A lot of the farmers also failed to stick by the requirement that they cease the application of pesticides and insecticides at least two weeks before harvest.

“Poison on the Menu” airs on Monday and Tuesday at 6:30 pm on the MultiTV channel JOYNEWS. It also airs on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM on Thursday at 8:30 am.

Watch the link to the documentary below;


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