From arm wrestling to taking a bath – top tips for a steamy 2018

Source: The Sun
Date: 8th-january-2018 Time:  7:21:34 am

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A new book claims arm wrestling can fire up your sex drive. And author Claire Robin says more sex is the key to good health.

Here, DOUG WIGHT reveals her top tips.

Seducing your partner

PLAN A DATE: Can ignite an intense excitement.

PLAY THE TEASE: Keep control by delaying end game as long as you can.

BE A DICTATOR: Dirty talk gets blood flowing.

GET PHYSICAL: Playful, gentle spanking and ­biting can initiate sex.

15-SECOND SNOG: It achieves greater intimacy, and kissing often leads to love-making.

Lasting longer

BODY LANGUAGE: The more suggestive and sensual the better.

DIRTY TALK: Flirt with your partner and compliment their past exploits in the ­bedroom.

WASH ’N GLOW: Build up passion levels by taking a shower or bath together.

 Don't be scared about taking control and demanding more

What they want in bed

ASK FOR MORE: Men like it when women ask for more. And ladies, ask for more from your man.

EYE CONTACT: Men perform better when women look at them during sex.

THE QUICKIE: Most ­couples rate sex in public as the most exciting thing they’ve done together.

EARLY RISERS: Most men love morning sex – as they can last longer.

EXPERIMENT: Don’t be afraid to reveal fantasies.

 Learn how to sext if you want to keep the fire burning even before you've got to the bedroom

How to sext

The best time to send flirty texts is when your partner is an hour from home.

Start the seduction by saying things like: “What colour of underwear do you like most on me?”

“How fast can you get here?”

And give status updates on how horny you are feeling.

Couple sleep-sex

Drive them wild

PDAs: Brush against partners seductively when out on the town.

SURPRISE KISS: While watching a movie start kissing their fingers while keeping constant eye contact.

WHISPER IN THEIR EAR: Say things like: “You look so sexy just now.”

Get sex tonight

ARM WRESTLE: Physical activity like this can bring a surge in sex hormones.

LOOK AT OLD PHOTOS: Triggers happy memories and rekindles feelings of tenderness and intimacy.

DRINK POMEGRANATE JUICE: It boosts sex drive and is proven to make men last longer.

PLAY FOOTSIE WATCHING TV: Getting touchy- feely on the sofa or while out having dinner can ­initiate a wild night later.


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