Fertility Society of Ghana rolls out program to solve infertility problems

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com David Andoh
Date: 5th-october-2017 Time:  4:23:31 am

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Fertility Society of Ghana and its partners are currently working together to establish a national data centre to monitor infertility in the country.

The Society hopes the program will enable it to find the solution to infertility problems facing Ghanaians.

Establishment of the facility has become necessary as many married couples continue to battle with infertility challenges which sometimes result in broken marriages, thus exposing affected persons to stigma.

The organization has, therefore, set up a technical committee to work on the project’s preparatory stage to solicit information from various fertility hospitals across the country. 

The data captured would facilitate in their research which will enable the Ghana Fertility Society to document fertility situations in Ghana and also to provide alternatives to manage the cases.

This was disclosed by the Interim President of the organization, Dr Edem Hiadzi, during the opening ceremony of the Society's first-anniversary scientific workshop at the Physicians Center in Accra.

The workshop was under the theme: The Sub-fertile Couple, Current Trends in Management.

According to Dr Edem Hiadzi, a well-coordinated data will help stakeholders to determine the extent of the problem at hand.


 He said despite the fact that human beings are created to replenish the world and to multiply that does not happen for some people.

He explained that over the years, as science has improved, many techniques, such as tube baby technology, for instance, has been used to help couples.

Emphasizing on the technology he said the first test tube baby in Ghana is 22 years and currently there are about 18 centres operating in the country.

 He noted that the proliferation of fertility centres across the country calls for a collaboration of stakeholders like urologists, psychologist and lawyers to play key roles to facilitate smooth implementation of the project.

President of African Fertility Society, Professor Pldapo Ashiru, praised the Ghana Fertility Society for doing a good job to host the program.

Prof.  Ashiru believes that proliferation of IVF centres in Ghana will meet an increasing demand for service in the country.

Prof Ashiru said the United Nations and the World Health Organization now believe that having a baby is a human right.

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