Extreme feminism threat to marriage - Pastor cautions Pepper Dem, Sugardem

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Date: 24th-february-2018 Time:  2:55:01 pm

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The Senior pastor at the Central Assemblies of God Church at Tema Community Four has cautioned against extreme feminism, saying it threatens the foundation of marriage.

Wading into the recent debate between two feminist groups, Reverend David Nabegmado said there is no dispute regarding the role of a man and woman.

At a news conference following the church’s Jubilee Vows Renewal Ceremony for married couples Monday, he said women are required by God to be submissive to their husbands.

Husbands are also expected to love their wives intend, he said at the event held as part of the church’s 50th-Anniversary Celebrations.

Feminist groups – Sugardem GH and Pepper Dem Ministries – have been opposed to each other over the role of women in the house.

While Pepper Dem advocates a more radical view which sees women who cook for their husbands as slaves, Sugardem GH has called for a collaboration between the couples.

But Reverend David Nabegmado said extreme feminism such as being championed by the Pepper Dem Ministries is “ill-advised and a threat to God’s ordained marriage.”

Although he is not opposed to women attaining a higher status in society, he said any thought that wives who help in the house are slaves is debasing.

“Marriage in its respect and purity has always been God ordained and every strong family makes a strong church,” he said.

Touching on the issue of single-sex marriage, the clergyman charged the church to rise against the legalization of such practices.

“When you were born, what gender did you come out with? Then why do you go and change your gender?” he queried.

Rev. Nabegmado admonished couples who renewed their vows at the event to at all times to apply knowledge to love and make each other comfortable.

On their part, the oldest couple in the church - Mr and Mrs Paapa Adusei - married for 56 years, said God has been part of their journey.

They said they have used the marriage guidelines set out in the Bible as a compass to navigate them through the storms, noting even though they encountered some challenges they overcame them.

They advised the youth who are yet to marry, to desist from comparing their marriages to others.

Mrs Belinda Nortey, another married woman, said the journey has not been all rosy but she and her husband have overcome many storms.

“Anytime our prayer life goes down it looks like we argue a lot and we identify that we are not doing well in our prayer life but when we pick it up our relationship becomes perfect not in human standard but because we are hooking up onto God”, she said.

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