Can you marry in silence?

Date: 4th-august-2017 Time:  2:41:29 pm

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Communication is very essential in every area or aspect of life.

• Communication of babies to mothers
This is the reason why God made it possible for a baby to communicate through mewling to the mother and the outside world.
• Communication in an organisation
Businesses or organizations exists to fulfill their vision by meeting the needs of their customers and in order to do this they must among other things communicate effectively to all stakeholders involved.
• Communication of cars at traffic lights and roundabouts
Traffic lights and roundabouts exist to aid communication among drivers to avoid them crushing into each other or causing accidents.

So is communication important in every marriage and it is needed to ensure a successful and peaceful existence. The question is can a couple marry in silence? Can they relate as a husband and a wife and or as parents to their children without communication?

The answer is absolutely not possible. Husbands, wives and children must speak to each other and make their request as clear as possible to facilitate serene living. Below are some barriers worth discussing.

Some Barriers to Communication in Marriage
• Assumptions
Many spouses assume or expect that things should be happen automatically instead of asking politely from their partners if they want something to be done. Never assume that your husband will assist with laundry or take the kids to the barber when their hair is grown among others.

Equally do not assume that your wife will cook you a particular dish if you have not asked. It is always better to ask and get a response than to assume that it should be happen exactly they way you want.

• Comparisons
Many married couples make the mistakes of comparing their spouses or marriage with others. You may have married the same year, do similar jobs, have the same number of children among others, but always remember that even twins are birthed at different times though they were carried by one mother.

In life things happen to us at different times and seasons. Instead of comparing your married life or spouses to others rather be thankful and work on yourself to be a better partner. Most importantly and interestingly you will never know the full picture of what happens in other people’s marriage. What you may be privy to is exactly what they want you to see. There is nothing like a perfect marriage or couple.

• Failure to Listen
Again many spouses are quick to talk rather than to listen. I see it as more of a human behaviour rather than gender specific. Humans generally want to be heard and will hardly listen especially when they are at fault and will do anything in their power to defend what they stand for.

A successful marriage requires that a spouse plays the role of a ‘wise’ or a ‘fool’ sometimes for peace to prevail. If you always want to be heard but never listen then you are not doing your bit to facilitate effective communication because communication requires both the “giver” and a “receiver’.

Always remember that wives or women generally would like to be heard whiles husbands or men would like to be respected. In summary there can never be a marriage in silence.

It is important to remember that you did not marry your enemy but someone you loved. You did not know everything about your spouse but you were ready to commit to each other.

This is why you should do your best to make your marriage work and flourish despite life challenges you may encounter by communicating to your spouse in manner that both of you can understand and get along well.


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