10 cheeky wedding ring engravings that speak volumes

Source: huffingtonpost
Date: 10th-april-2017 Time:  2:32:32 am

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Couples typically engrave their anniversary date, a cute nickname or a romantic message inside their wedding bands.

But some husbands and wives are taking things up a notch by getting a tongue-in-cheek message inscribed instead of the usual, “You’re my everything, honey!” Below, we’ve compiled 10 unconventional wedding ring engravings you’ll get a kick out of.

1 “Put me back on.”

2 “You’ll do.”

3 “Finally.”

4 “Do not remove.”

5 “Don’t lose this one.”

6 “F**k yes.”

7 “I love you.” “I know.”

8 “Together we’ll catch them all.”

9 “We did that.”

10 “Meow.”

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