Video: Contract is in English, we can read – Miss Ghana 2016

Source: Ghana | | Maxwell Amoofia
Date: 7th-august-2018 Time:  1:25:50 pm

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Following the controversies that have rocked the Miss Ghana beauty pageant organised by Exclusive Events Ghana Limited, many have called for a probe into the pageant.

Aside from pimping allegations levelled against CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, Inna Mariam Patty, the pageant contract between organisers and contestants have been questioned.

Former holders of the crown including Margaret Dery (Miss Ghana 2017), Stephanie Karikari (Miss Ghana 2010), Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (Miss Ghana 2013) and Antoinette Delali Kemavor (Miss Ghana 2015) have raised concerns over the contract presented to them to sign.

They allege that they were made to sign their contracts under duress and not allowed to take the agreement to a lawyer to understand the clauses better.

However, Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi, Miss Ghana 2015 first runner-up who became reigning queen for 2016 because Antoinette Delali Kemavor resigned has jumped to the defence of the organizers.

In an interview with Joy News’ Maxwell Amoofia, the 2016 queen downplayed the need to seek legal advice before signing the contract with the excuse that the agreement is written in English.

She said when the organisers hand the documents "you go through the contract over and over again…it is written in English. They are read in English…My parents went through my contract”.

Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi also debunked the claim that she is being used a stooge by Inna Mariam Patty to defend the scandalous activities of Exclusive Events Ghana Limited.

Ghana’s representative to the 2017 Miss World pageant described her experience with Miss Ghana as wonderful.

She was proud of completing her mechanized water system in Nabuli in the Gushegu Municipality of the Northern Region to curb the lack of clean drinking water in the area.

Watch the video below:


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