Medikal slams critics labelling him as a lame rapper

Date: 12th-january-2018 Time:  1:15:29 pm

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Rapper Medikal has responded to faceless critics labelling him as a wack artiste in the Ghanaian music industry.

The ‘Give me vibe’ hitmaker said he cannot fathom why some people would label him as such when he has released an album.

According to him, since he made his bold entry in the limelight, some people have considered him a ‘pathetic’ musician but, he has outshined a lot of people he met in the industry to become a successful artiste.

Medikal further noted that he is blessed and ordained by God hence the negative critics don’t get to him.

He added that, if being a wack artiste makes him earn more funds then he would rather God keeps raining such blessings on him.

“As I start de rap some people say I Shaa, as I blow still dem say I shaa, but this shaa de make I make enough everyday, God if all these Blessings de come from Shaa, please, I want you to keep blessing me with more Shaa.Infact,elevate me to the Highest level of Shaa!#Boooom…” he tweeted.

See his tweet below:


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