Lydia Forson attacks Ghanaians on social media over cooking debate

Source: Ghana |
Date: 8th-february-2018 Time:  10:15:54 am

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has waded into the ongoing debate by a feminist group who claim that women who cook and do other chores are slaves.

The actress, in a post on Facebook, wondered why people would waste time talking about whose job it is to cook when there were other serious matters to discuss.

She was of the view that only unserious people and country, would argue over the issue of cooking when the economy was in a mess.

The ‘Keteke’ actress fumed that, “Do you see how stupid we seem? Do we see how unserious we are that seasoned journalists, radio presenters and proclaimed intellectuals are spending all their time and energy talking about someone trying to take away their rights?" 

Lydia Forson, who is neither for nor against the matter, was only shocked that the country had to come to a standstill because of the issue.

"Are you stupid? Is food going to build roads, put clothes on your back or change the power crises? I am shocked that we have come to a standstill because of cooking. The fact that we reduced this discussion to food shows how far gone we are.’’

The actress said she loved to cook therefore, it was not going to be a bother to her if she had to cook for a man she liked.

According to her, she has dated some men who did not have a problem if she cooked for them or not.


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