IsoRock Music Studio turning raw talents into household brands

Source: Ghana |
Date: 11th-august-2017 Time:  12:02:42 pm

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A modest music recording studio in Accra has committed itself to raising young but talented musicians with the hope of turning them into respectable brands in future.

IsoRock Music Record and label is helping little-known names like DaDi, Joy Kimori and Kester David cut their teeth in an increasingly competitive music industry.

The music studio located at Nii Okaiman East (Alhaji), near Abeka Lapaz was opened circa May 2016.

It also engages in the recording and production of commercial jingles and is currently offering a 20% discount on all studio works.

Owned by David Lanre, who describes himself as a creative social entrepreneur with key interests in startups, music, fashion and technology, the IsoRock Music team believe they have the ability to turn fortunes around for young talents who probably would have been overlooked.,
With a production team is led by Mr. Henry, IsoRock Music Studio also manages and provides the platform for young artistes succeed in the arts and entertainment industry in Africa and beyond.

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