Gee Spot: Men lie in relationship - Peter Ritchie, Kwame Bee concede

Source: Ghana| | Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah
Date: 5th-july-2018 Time:  4:15:47 pm

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Actor Peter Ritchie and media personality Reynold Kwame Empeh known as Kwame Bee have conceded men tell the most lies.

The two showbiz personalities who joined MzGee on the maiden episode of ‘Gee Spot’ on the Joy Prime channel said the complexities of handling women compel most men to resort to lying to keep their relationship.

They were discussing the topic ‘Who is more complicated; men or women’, women are more complicated.

“From my experience, women are very very complicated. Women do not go straight to the point so it makes it very difficult for the man to understand what the woman is trying to say, on the other hand, are straightforward,” Kwame Bee disclosed.

“When it comes to relationship and a few lies, I agree that men do lie, I have to be honest with this but not all men lie even though most men may lie,” he added.

“We’ve all lied before. The point here is, it is not that we are lying because we want to lie. It is because I know whom who my wife or girl is and if I tell her the truth, hell will break loose” revealed Peter Ritchie.

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