Cooking saga: Pepper Dem comments can destroy homes - Tommy Annan-Forson

Source: Ghana |
Date: 8th-february-2018 Time:  1:43:52 pm

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Veteran broadcaster Tommy Annan-Forson believes that programmes that give feminists the platform to argue that women who cook and do other chores are slaves are very dangerous.

According to him, such programmes can destroy homes.

The respected broadcaster, in a Facebook post, said the feminists - Pepper Dem - shouldn’t be given the platforms to even make such remarks.

Wading into the issue that has generated nationwide debate on social media, Mr Annan-Forson said if the feminists don’t want to cook for their husbands, they should continue buying food for them.

He said: “Hmmm when some women sit on radio and tell the whole world that when you cook for your husband it is slavery, they must be suffering from some kind of mental disorder. Keep buying fried rice and chicken or bofloat and coco for him wai. Ebufu sem.”

“How did they get onto that platform anyway?” he quizzed and added that, “Managerial responsibility at that station needs to be looked at.”

The broadcaster is of the view that, “A programme like that can destroy homes and marriages instead keeping homes together.”

“This rubbish must stop and that programme taken off the air, children are being defiled, girls being raped, are those issues not more important to talk about?” Mr Annan-Forson added.



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