Afia Schwarzenegger’s ‘husband’ used acid to defend himself - Maurice Ampaw

Source: Ghana | Hitz FM | Noella Kharyne Yalley
Date: 8th-september-2017 Time:  4:39:01 pm

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Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has asserted that Mr Lawrence Abrokwa, ‘husband’ of actress and comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger, used the substance believed to be acid seen in the video to defend himself.

The estranged husband of the actress may face two charges of possession and circulation of obscene material and threat of harm, after a video alleged to have been recorded by him, showed the actress caught in bed with another man barely nine months into their marriage.

In the video, Afia Schwarzenegger is seen wearing a headscarf and clad in a white towel trying to shield her private parts from the preying lenses of the camera.

Amidst threats from her husband, she is heard screaming and begging her husband not to pour a substance the man claimed was "acid", on her

In an interview with MzGee on Hitz @1 on Hitz FM, Mr Ampaw, who happens to be the lawyer for Mr Abrokwa, explained that, pretending to possess the "acid" was his client’s way of defending himself against the actress and the stranger she was caught in bed with.

“What I know is that they are legally married, and the information from the matrimonial home shows that, the wife has been cheating so he decided not to take the law into his own hands but rather decided to go get evidence.

“But in order to get the evidence, he had to fake holding an acid so he will not be attacked by his wife and the stranger. So, he did that to get the evidence and that’s exactly what happened. At the end of the day he was able to get the evidence and intends to use it as a defence in court and also to file a matrimonial suit against his wife,” Mr Ampaw said.


Leaking the video:

He went on to explain that, his client cannot be sued for leaking the nude video of Afia Schwarzenegger because it was an evidence obtained and copies were given to the police as well as the lawyer and parents of the actress.

“We are a joke in this country; the whole nation is a joke! And the people are joking. Don’t we have a lot of nudity nonsense going on in the country? Go to the social media, and you will see Ebony, you will see Wanlov the Kubolor and many others. It is up to Afia and the prosecution to go to court and prove beyond reasonable doubt that, it is my client who leaked the video.”

He stated: “the video was procured as evidence, a copy was given to the police, a copy was given to Afia’s father and lawyer, and so as to how it was leaked, the police need evidence to show.

“So, you just don’t go there and say that somebody leaked the video. When Anas did an undercover and brought out evidence of Judges in boxer shorts and singlet did anybody complain? When Anas committed the rogue by invading the privacy of judges and getting evidence of their corrupt acts, did anybody complain?

“So, if a husband finds his wife committing adultery and the rule of the game is evidence. If he had no evidence, the same people and the media will ask him to provide evidence. Now we have the evidence with copies given to the police, Afia’s lawyer and parents and when it’s leaked, they want to put the blame on the husband. Come to court and prove that!” the legal practitioner concluded.


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