Sahara Group upgrades Manhean Technical School workshop in Tema

Source: Ghana| | JoyBusiness
Date: 7th-february-2018 Time:  1:46:12 pm

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African energy conglomerate Sahara Group has refurbished Metal Works Technical workshop of the Manhean Senior High Technical School in Tema.

Working in concert with other stakeholders, Sahara Group’s intervention has transformed learning experience in the school.

The renovation of the workshop included the construction of a shed to accommodate the formerly cramped carpentry and welding students and the purchase of several machines and accessories to enhance their training.

These include hand-powered angle grinder/cutting tool, welding machines, Sun-Flex grinding disc, lathe machines, mounted drilling/milling/grinding machines.

Also among the equipment are welding accessories as well as several electrical and safety gadgets to ensure the protection of the students.

The benefitting students who take courses including technical drawing, woodwork, building/construction and welding now have ample space and modern tools to aid their training.

Country Manager for the Group, Tosin Etomi said, “our objective was simple. We saw the need for technical education and training in order to produce graduates that can perform competently in their chosen vocations without a need for pre-employment training.

"We responded to that need. These bright boys and girls will ultimately form part of the talent pool that will drive ongoing transformation in Ghana towards ensuring sustained economic growth and development.”

According to the Head Teacher of the 27-year-old institution, Emmanuel Kobina Beddu, “this intervention led has exceeded our expectations.

"Not only do we have a bigger, better space for learning, we now have the equipment we need to teach our students and arm them with adequate technical and transferable skills. We cannot hide our excitement and satisfaction with what the Sahara Group has done for our school.” 

A19-year-old student of the school, Al-Hassan Ibrahim said, “this is a different experience for us. We finally have a modern looking workshop, facilities and equipment needed to sharpen our skills and become real professionals.

"Every morning I wake up and I am excited to go to school because I know I will do something new.”

Founded in 1991, the technical school was established for the purpose of training young Ghanaians to function as world-class professionals in the areas of science, technology and innovation by providing a conducive teaching, learning, research & development environment.









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