Photos: McDan CEO is new Gugba Naa of Tamale

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Date: 31st-december-2017 Time:  11:37:29 am

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The Executive Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr Daniel McKorley, is now the Gugba Naa of the Tamale Traditional Area after he was enskined by the Dakpema Naa Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni.

This was at a colorful; ceremony at the Dakpema Palace in the heart of the Tamale Metropolis.

The Gugba Naa, whose title means unifier, will add to the Dakpema Naa's efforts at building peace, unity and development. Being sub-chief of the Dakpema Stool, he will also represent the Dakpema stool at important occasions and national events, when delegated by the Dakpema Naa.

Dr Daniel McKorley whose McDan Shipping has earned global recognition for their high standards and market dominance in shipping and logistics, has also done a lot in terms of corporate social responsibility including sports (tennis and community football) and education. He looks forward to extending this to the people of the Northern Region.

The ceremony which was done in stages, showcased the rich culture of the people of the Northern Region. Dakpema Naa Alhassan Dawuni performed the enskinment indoors with his immediate elders, subjects and chiefs present. Dr McKorley was adorned with a rare cream-coloured smock, leather boots and white hat which pointed upwards signifying his authority.

He also had a black fly whisk in his hands which he periodically waved at admirers who had lined the streets to catch a glimpse of him as well as cheer him on.

After being outdoored to the people, he sat on a decorated royal horse and rode through, the streets of Tamale, amidst drumming and dancing.

Later that day, the newly enskined Gugbai Naa (Dr Daniel McKorley)  and his wife Abigail together with other chiefs gathered at the forecourt of the Dakpema Palace for the traditional dance. This was to officially welcome the new chief and once again outdoor him to the elders and the people of Tamale.

This ceremony had the Dakpema Naa and his sub-chiefs including the Dema-Naa (Entertainment Chief) Gugbai Naa sit in state and watch various dances. Anyone who danced to the drumming music from the groups gathered only did so after being handed the fly whisk. After the almost two hour event the Dakpema Naa retired into his courtyard where he delivered final words of advice for Dr Daniel Mckorley.

The next day the chief, his Guba Naa and other chiefs joined Vice President Dr Mahamodu Bawumia and other state officials as well as 10,000 fans to rename the Tamale Stadium to Alhaji Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.     

The new Gugba Naa Dr Daniel McKorley in a brief interview said he will throw immediate focus on youth development with specific attention to agriculture and education. According to him, the Northern Region of Ghana has great potential to become a  reliable bread basket but has to be developed with the youth will playing a key role.

"I am grateful for the love shown me by the people of Tamale. While I extend the gratitude to the Dakpema Naa, I also want to assure him that I will reciprocate the love by investing in the youth through education and agriculture. The Northern Region of Ghana has great potential and we must ensure that we harness this for the greater good of the people," he said.

Dr Daniel McKorley earlier addressed thousands of students at the University of Development Studies (UDS) during a day's commemorative conference for the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama under the theme Greater Discipline: A tool for national development. He charged the students to have the right attitude in order to achieve success in their respective areas of endeavour.

See more photos below:

Gugba Naa offers cola nut to the Dakpema Naa Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni, during the enskinment.

Vice President Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, squats as tradition demands to pay homage to the Dakpema Naa Mohammed Alhassan Dawuni and the newly enskined Gugba Naa at the renaming ceremony of the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale.

Gugba Naa does the traditional dance as he received support from the Entertainment Chief of the Dakpema skin, Dema Naa Mohammed Hafiz (Left).

Gugba Naa and his wife Mrs Abigail McKorley pose for the cameras.

Gugba Naa arrives at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in the company of his wife Mrs Abigail McKorley and the Dema Naa of Yendi (In turban).



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