No stress with BoG's capital requirement-FBN Bank boss assures at promo launch

Source: Ghana||NG
Date: 14th-may-2018 Time:  9:05:16 pm

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FBN Bank is in a good position to meet the ¢400 million minimum capital requirement of the Central Bank.

That was the assurance given by the Managing Director of the bank Gbenga Odeyemi, Monday.

Referring to FBN’s partnership with Nigeria’s First Bank, Mr Odeyemi said “when you are a son of a rich parent your stress is less. That is one of the advantages of being part of a rich heritage.”

He was overly optimistic the minimum capital requirement will be met before the December deadline imposed by the Central Bank, adding, customers are assured of maximum security of the monies. 

Promo Launch

He gave the assurance at the official launch of the second edition of the FBN Bank Save and Win Promo.

According to Mr Odeyemi, the promo is to inculcate in Ghanaians the culture of savings and the benefits that will accrue to customers as well as broaden the bank’s customer base.

“It is one of the safest ways you can make an investment without any risks involved and it allows you easy access to your deposited money whenever you require it,” he said.

“We look forward to riding on this promo to connect with the unbanked and under banked in our country” he added.

Apart from the interest customers will accrue from the savings they make, they also stand the chance of winning prizes in four promotional draws- three of which will be the mini draw with the last being the grand draw.

For each draw, 10 winners will be announced which means a total of 40 customers who have saved and qualified for the promo would become winners.

At the promo launch ceremony attended by a cross-section of customers, Mr Gbenga said some of the prizes to be won during the promo include washing machines, fridges, LED TVs gas cookers, laptops, ipads and spartphones.

Promo Mechanics

To be part of the monthly draws and win the promo, customers need to maintain a minimum of  ¢1,000 in their individual current or savings account.

They can do this by depositing ¢200 and or multiples into an existing or new individual savings/current account.

“All customers who at the start of the promo have a minimum balance of  ¢1,000 in their accounts during will get one point for every  ¢1,000 as advance points up to a maximum of 10 points, Mr Gbenga explained, adding, “advance points will be earned only on incremental basis for as long as customer deposit remains in the account during the period of the promotion.”

All eligible customers would then be entered into a draw to be supervised by the National Lottery Authority out of which winners will be determined.

The promo is expected to begin this month through to August, 2018.

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