Molfix diapers relaunched with quality at low cost

Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah
Date: 15th-may-2017 Time:  2:19:02 pm

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On a day when women all over the world celebrated Mother's Day, Hayat Kimya, a Turkish manufacturing company has given Ghanaian women another reason to be happy about motherhood with the re-launch of Molflix baby diapers.

Ranked the fifth largest branded baby diaper manufacturer in the world, Molfix is looking to capture the Ghanaian market having already made inroads in Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Iran and Nigeria.

At a plush ceremony to re-launch the re-packaged product at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra on Mothers' Day, the Senior Brands Manager of the company Seckin Baynak says Molfix returns to the Ghanaian market at a higher quality but with a reduced price.

The product was reintroduced into the Ghanaian market in January 2016. Despite its huge popularity on the Ghanaian market, customers raised issues about packaging and the relatively high cost.

According to Seckin Baynak, over 20,000 mothers were sampled to find out how best the Molfix product can be improved and after months of research which took into consideration the concerns of customers, the new well packaged, cheaper but high quality Motflix diaper  was produced.

Quoting certified test results with other competing brands,  Mr Baynak said Motflix is the most absorbing diaper with a higher capacity to hold liquids which means Molfix has no leakage and will give babies enough sleeping time which means mothers can have enough rest too.

With some 1.6 million babies in Ghana, Mr Baynak said his company is hoping that each baby will use Molfix at least three times a day.

The company will in the next six months embark on a massive media campaign in a bid to make Molfix the number one diaper manufacturer in Ghana.

Sales and Marketing Managers of Nigeria shared how the product became the number two brand in just 18 months after introduction in the most populous African country with market shares rising from six per cent to 27 per cent within the same period.

Country Manager, Suleyman Sanduvac hoped Ghana will be able to replicate the giant strides made in the Nigerian market.

Country Manager, Suleyman Sanduvac

He told the relaunch is the starting point of what is expected to be a big project in Ghana.

Like in Nigeria and other countries where Hayat Kimya is, Sanduvac said his company will soon establish a factory in Ghana to manufacture its products and increase job opportunities for a number of Ghanaians.

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