Masterclass Lesson 3: Using Systems - Assuring results consistency

Source: Ghana | | Sarah Amelley Djosu| Joy Business
Date: 21st-april-2017 Time:  12:39:48 pm

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A solid business model without the right people to execute it is a failed business model. Yet people who have achieved great things always use some design, pattern, framework, etc to cascade ideas into concerted actions that yield results.

Ultimately, the ‘right people’ tend to develop ‘systems’ that work for them in a bid to achieve great things. You need to adopt a systems-based approach in your business by converting all you do to simple but effective systems that ensure value is delivered well to your customers.

By so doing, you are executing your business model on a daily basis. A systems-based approach doubles your team’s efforts.

“Systems effectively channel and control business efforts to give desired results, while people run and innovate the systems”

Systems comprise of components of your business, policies, processes, organisational structure, jobs, etc. Your team’s ability to create value for customers is tied to the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems.

If customers and even your staff are complaining about your services/products take a look at your systems. Your competitors learn from your mistakes and they put in place systems to deliver value where you are failing and increase customer patronage.

You need to adopt a systems-based approach in your business to win customer advantage. Systems are not cast in stone since value creation is being redefined and refined by customers every day hence, Flexibility is required. 

Create better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society as a way of innovating.

Peter F. Drucker once said, “Business has only two functions -- marketing and innovation” but the Sad Truth is most businesses focus on cost savings and offer the same shoddy services then they ask ‘what’s happening’ when customers leave.

Revamping your critical systems is a key element. Take a look at your business model and ask yourself, where are things going wrong?

Where do I need systems and/or what systems do I need to revamp to add value to my customers? Categorise your critical business systems and focus on those that directly deliver value; how can we be better? In order to do this, one must:

  • Identify obstacles – what and/or who may delay the changes I desire?
  • Make needed changes – focus on better, faster and consistent system results.
  • Continuous improvements – timetables to review progress and take corrective steps.

The benefits of systems range from:

  • Effective Implementation: Your business’s ideas are translated into desired results.
  • Foster Understanding: Employees understand what their actions will generate via a given system.
  • Empowered to Succeed: Employees are equipped through systems to deliver results effectively.
  • Customers get the same beautiful service every time as systems are predictable –E.g. McDonalds.

Innovation is simpler as systems can be tracked and improved upon. Human error is drastically reduced with systems and prevention of double standards are guided by the same system. Also, applied systems prevent staff from acting in a fraudulent way.

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