Dusk Capital rolls out campaign to restore investment confidence

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | George Nyavor | george.nyavor@myjoyonline.com
Date: 15th-may-2018 Time:  1:13:07 pm

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Investment firm, Dusk Capital, has rolled out a campaign aimed at deepening confidence in Ghana’s wobbly investment sector as investment drive readjusts to damaging shocks over the past few years.

The campaign, ‘Conquer Your Fears’, according to the firm is informed by the recent concerns in the investment sector following the collapse of some savings and loans companies and banks.

Chief Operating Officer of the firm, Kwame Kusi-Boadum, said at the launch of the campaign last Friday that ‘Conquer Your Fears’ will also tackle the limitations of the local investor community.

“People are afraid that they will lose their money. Looking at the market sentiment, people are scared to venture into investment because they don’t know first of all whether they will lose their money, the companies will collapse, like in recent times the news we’ve been hearing people are so much afraid to invest so this campaign is to help people overcome their fears that even though there is the fear of investing.

“If people are able to understand the dynamics of investing they will not be afraid to invest. Though there is fear, there is also an opportunity and if you are afraid you can’t take that opportunity,” he said.

Dusk Capital has been in operation for the past five years and has grown its assets from GHS 300,000 to the current GHS25 million.

Mr Kusi-Boadum explains that the investment firm has been able to achieve success in the investment space despite the challenges in the sector based on a firm, results-driven strategy.

“Dusk Capital has built its brand in terms of management, in terms of expertise, in terms of corporate governance we offer advice to individuals to companies who need financial advice, who wants to know more about investment. We at Dusk Capital are able to educate and train these companies and individuals to overcome that fear because I believe that lack of knowledge is simply the cause of fear in the financial sector,” he said.

New minimum capital: a step in the right direction

Commenting on the central bank’s new minimum capital that has been a source of concern for some local banks, Mr Kusi-Boadum said the Bank of Ghana could not have chosen a better time to set the new requirement.

He explains, “It is a step in the right direction. It is important that now we consolidate all the balance sheets of the country so that we can appear to be strong in the global market. Some of our sister companies will have to merge, but one thing is that it is very good.”

Next five years

He said the future for the investment sector and Dusk Capital, in particular, looks bright as the company is committed to delivering on its promises to clients.

“In the next five years, Dusk Capital is going to be the preferred investment bank in the market because of the strategy we have. We have a solid team and a lot of people are willing to invest in us because we have a trusted brand.

“In the next five year it won’t be ‘Conquer your fears’ maybe ‘come and listen to our success story,’” he said.

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